Friday, October 23, 2015


My reply to Apuron deserves praise for seminaries by Mari Flor Herrero in today's PDN:

Hello Mari Flor. Thank you for this. Since you know the archbishop so well do you mind asking him why he ignored the Feb. 12, 2013 letter from the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith to amend his sex abuse policy? 

Yes, apparently, Rome reviewed our archdiocesan sex abuse policy and noticed some grave omissions, such as protection for those who might dare to come forward - especially protection from the archbishop. 

The Vatican instructed Apuron to amend his policy, but Apuron ignored them. In hindsight, had he amended the policy as instructed by the Vatican the allegations brought by John Toves, the sudden disappearance of Fr. John Wadeson, and the investigation of Fr. Louis Camacho's Agat beach incident with the 17 year old girl might have been handled differently. Oh that's right, silly me. There NEVER was an investigation. 

Yes, Apuron ought to be commended for these seminaries. Instead of importing priests, we import seminarians and Apuron takes the credit for actually building vocations while he stomps on genuine local vocations like Aaron Quitugua. 

BTW, here's what we have seen so far from his seminarians: priests who help themselves to underage ladies at deserted beaches, another who speaks of girls as oranges to be sucked, a seminary formator who fled the L.A. diocese after being credibly accused of molesting 2 minors and found refuge with Apuron, another who raised a quarter of a million dollars from Santa Rita parishioners and then disappeared - the money is gone too, another who openly bad mouthed the Chamorro people's serving of food at funerals, and another who told his parishioners "I'm sick of your culture," and so much more. 

Yes, we should praise Apuron, shouldn't we. Thanks for the opportunity to do so.

BTW, don't tell him I have a copy of that letter from the Vatican. I'll be posting it soon on my blog. However, you can tell him that I will be sending a copy of your wonderful letter to a friend of his in Arizona. He'll know who it is. It might be just the thing his friend needs to prompt a long overdue visit. 


Update from Zoltan

Zoltán Székely ·

Tim Rohr, your furious anger you blatantly demonstrate whenever someone writes the truth in the news media reveals your true business of spreading rebellion and despair in the archdiocese. 

Why don't you just go back to your fake blog of cheap entertainment for your pack of die hard followers and leave the faithful of Guam alone? Readers can find out the truth for themselves without your incessant meddling.


  1. I read this opinion this morning by Mari Flor and almost threw up. I'm sure this was drafted during the Neo outing in Tumon this past weekend. Tony is a disgrace to the Lord and the faithful. A True disgrace to the position he holds.

  2. Ha ha ha! Zoltan just had to add up to the ridiculous and comical PDN letter from Mariflor. What "truth" are you talking about, a distorted one? I read this letter too and was amused that Rotting Flor's gauge for the success of apuron is his setting up a fake seminary. Yeah, by their fruits you shall know them. What a disgrace that rms and Blessed Diego Institute remain operational. It should have closed down a while ago if they really value vocations.

    The measurement for her church participation is the number of Spanish priests she can socialize with. All those priests she mentioned are from the Augustinian Order and, yes, as Spanish as she wants them to be, just like her. The local priests are no good. The Filipino priests are no good. The transplant priests preferably should be from the Rioja region, just like her. Priests should speak Spanish, just like her. That is her ticket to heaven: Spanish priests she can drink her red wine with.

    I do not want to delve so much on her personality issues because I know from personal experience her $300%+++ mark up on merchandise she purchases in Spain for naive local customers. A real con, a smooth operator. I might as well zip it...and focus on the matter at hand. She brought this on herself when she defended the horrendous apuron and his catastrophic reign.

    1. The NCW cult gets a cut from her profits, thus her 300% mark up.

    2. I'm practically wetting my 5k running shorts here. Only 46 mor hours till my birthday Gala at the Hyatt. What shall I wear?? Maybe my ferraiolo. Hmmm. Decisions, decisions. Maybe my bright green tee. Let me think. Something with deep pockets. Bye.

    3. Zoltan. See you at my party, okay? Bye.

  3. Tim, Thank you again for helping us see the TRUTH! The stack of documents that you have shared have shed light on the lie after after lie that come from Apuron, Pius, and the many IRRESPONSIBLES that have taken advantage of our parishes. Sadly, the vocal kikonuts who continue to support this archbishop keep turning a blind eye to his evil ways. Enough!

  4. Did Tim's facts touch a nerve with zoltan? NEWSFLASH ZOLTAN, what "documents" YOU AND YOUR FELLOW IDIOTIC PAWNS have to dispute Tim's FACTS? Maybe you Zoltan can be Diane's pawn and go to rev & tax and retrieve the documents to settle this whole issue about what the RMS and its neo pawns truly are. A bunch of lame ASS group of liars.

  5. My take on this, for what it is worth:
    The convivience that ended this past weekend, was used as a circling of the wagons by the Putrid Pius.
    The "Walkers" that are zealous enough to use their names, are being used to continue their endless use of the "Deny, deflect and destroy" tactic.
    Apparently they have identified who does what: Mariflor for a double Deny and deflect, and of course Zoltan the Magyar for the destruction.
    I venture to predict, that we will witness a flurry of more of the same, in the days to come.

    So the question is : why now?

    It is simple, the leaders of the Gang from Jersey, know what is coming.
    Hence they are preparing their flock for the onslaught. They are putting another layer of "persecution" and warning: Watch out, more "persecution".

    Double goal with this: softening the blows coming, and maybe gaining some support, from a few people, not knowing the whole picture. By spreading these type of things in the local media, they are achieving some of this by creating doubt.....

    It is therefore our responsibility to not let them get away with such vile tactics.

  6. Kenneth Gumataotao San AgustinOctober 23, 2015 at 12:30 PM

    What a joke!!!!! Idiot ZOLTAN said....Faithful of Guam. Uh duh...professor, you mean faithful to Kiko. Why don't you take your joke of a comment and catechize it to people who actually give a crap. By the way, use your real name you NeoCoward!

  7. Zoltan, why don't you take your mail order degree and your ESL presbyters with you and get off of our island. The NCW has done nothing other than to kill, steal and destroy our catholic faith and replace it with the deology of a man. Yes, a man that has an agenda that's not new to the world. Your prophet is out to make a profit and turn our parishes into a modern day mega church whose only belief is the prosperity gospel. I'm not surprised, just disgusted at the leader of our faith on our island that has fallen prey to it. Get out, get off our island and never return. BIBA KATOLIKU, BIBA!!

    James T.

  8. i don't agree with the main point of mari flor's column. there's a big difference between building a seminary to teach "local-grown" seminarians and building a seminary primarily for imported seminarians. not to mention the obvious problem of a seminary teaching neocat teachings to neocat seminarians, most of whom will be shipped out anyway.

    but as a small digression, however, i do have fond memories of fr herminio, one of the spanish augustinian recollects (o.a.r.s') that mari flor mentioned. he taught us spanish at fd after the untimely passing for fr mel dadios, and until the time the o.a.r.'s left the island. i credit fr herminio with getting me started with learning spanish, which i'm still working on today. people tell me i sound like a european rather than a latin american when i speak spanish, so i always tell them it's because of him.

    i found fr herminio in a video on the internet a couple of years ago. sadly, his health is very good in this video. i've yet to find out if he's still alive today. in the video, he speaks starting at about the 5:37 mark. he explains where guam is, since modern spanish viewers probably don't know much about their former colony.