Friday, November 13, 2015


Archbishop Apuron isn’t a shepherd to the people

This will be your Church: The Archdiocese of Apuron. It is your choice. You must do something!

Apuron is not a shepherd, as he does not lead his flock. The Sexual Abuse Policy is an example. I made four attempts to meet with the archbishop, and none were met, not even a phone call. All I received was a threatening letter to not attempt another appointment. This is not a shepherd.

In July, he had a California attorney threatening me to cease and desist. My response was that I would not.

Archbishop, it’s been over two months, and I’m still waiting. Sue me! We will not allow you to do this to our Church.

John C. Ada is a resident of San Pablo, California.


Below is the letter from Apuron's attorney threatening John Toves and here is a link to all the other Apuron vs Toves posts.

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