Tuesday, November 24, 2015



  1. Ooooohhhh, Anthony Sablan Apuron. Pay your taxes. Civic duty!!

  2. He expects all of us to fund his luxury lifestyle, yet can't seem to pay his own taxes. Goes to show that he is a complete failure as a leader in any form...tsk...tsk...tsk

  3. Our boy has many homes, even on Guam! So much for the vow of poverty he swore to many years ago to become a Capuchin.
    The two listed by Tim are not his house in Adacao. So these two, plus how many others that are not delinquent. Poor Tony, can't even keep track of all his houses, so much darn work tracking them all.
    Archbishop, can you tell us how many houses you actually own? Or did you lose track 15 purchases ago?

    1. Actually, to be fair. Apuron was relieved of his vows of poverty and obedience when he was made a bishop in 1984. I did a post a while back which showed that he did not wait long to acquire property. It was a matter of months before the Adacao property was signed over to him by his brother.

      On the above, there are not two properties, only one, but delinquent for two years. There is no house on this property, just vacant land. Apuron probably doesn't even know he owns it. It was given to the Archdiocese a few years ago, however, the deed was incorrect. I'll do a separate post on this.

    2. Tim-
      To be fair-
      Tony had to be relieved of his vow of poverty because technically everything in the Archdiocese is in his name as Corporate Sole.
      But it doesn't mean he had to forget the vow he took as a Franciscan on the personal side. He took a vow that was meant to be kept.
      He proudly boasts that he is still a Capuchin and wears his brown habit at Capuchin functions and in Rome to show he is Fransciscan. Yet he acquires vast personal wealth in contradiction to the solemn vow he took.
      Either he is Franciscan or he is not. He cannot play it both ways.
      Archdiocesan duties aside, he has become a total failure of his formation as a Friar. He was never a good Franciscan and now he uses the bishop's title to feast in the temporal world!
      Poor St Francis looking down at one of his Friars who has completely lost it.
      St Francis - pray for him.

  4. One of the listed delinquent is above Route 6 off Murray Rd in Asan/Maina. Looks like a nice place for a simple friar who is supposed to own nothing. St Francis pray for him!

  5. Fr.Matthew Blockley.November 24, 2015 at 4:33 PM

    He can own as many properties and cars as he wants. Ownership is not really an issue providing he purchased properties on his own personal money. The question I ask is this is a priest who became a Franciscan living vows of poverty chasity and obedience. He was released of obedience to his order upon becoming a bishop. However most priests I know live simple lives even if they have wealth it is never seen. Problem I have with your stupid Archbisnop is his presence at being someone he is really not. if he was not Archbishop he would really be a no one. He simply used his position to gain wealth all for himself. He was not from money he gained his money from the church. This is the issue not the property. He became rich as a bishop amassing millions in his own name. Now if you think that's ok so be it. But if you are a hard working guy on Guam raising a family educating children, placing your valuable $50 in a collection on Sunday to support his aimless roaming around the world to parties in Columbia then his senseless spending I think becomes a problem. If he travels on his own pocket ok. But it's not his money it is money belong to you the church of Guam. Every priest should distinguish what is personal and what is private. I work on the assumption a priest should only keep a toothbrush and a can be of cloths in his rectory because what is in a rectory belongs to a parish. What is in a private residence is personal. Very important to be clear on this point. Pronlem with him was he saw church resources as his own personal money. That's the Pronlem with him mine mine mine, everything is mine . Obviously church owns land on Guam but its not his personally. But in his thinking he believes it really is his. It's why I heard him say once " I practically own everything on Guam." yes he told me that when he drove me around Guam in his Lexus." I practically own everything on Guam."