Sunday, November 22, 2015


From The Diana:

Sadly, Anonymous who calls us "total retards," may be right. So long as Rome (currently permeated with corruption) permits RMS to operate, even if we can get the property back into the control of the Archdiocese, RMS could technically continue to produce more "cunning linguists."

This is why the battle ultimately will come down to the parishes and what you are willing to tolerate. So long as you are willing to show up at their illicit liturgies (because as far as we know they do not believe that Jesus is God), then it doesn't matter that you don't give them money. You give them something more important. You give them the false legitimacy they need to continue. Money they can get elsewhere. Bodies in the pews...not so easy. 

Think about it. 

Meanwhile, while Apuron et. al. will certainly have to worry about what might happen once he is deposed in civil court, he has a much higher court to worry about. Or at least he should. 

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