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You might as well show up and protest with them if you are going to comment as you have on this blog. Double thumbs down for you. Fake!

-Jokers Wild 

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The situation on Rota has no ties to the NCW. If you do research you will find that this is a result of Fr. Ryans decision in which he has yet to explain. If you want to then proceed to assume that Fr. Ryan is a puppet of Apuron, you are wrong. In fact, let the people of Saipan answer you on their views of Fr. Ryan. You may also want to ask the Neo members on Saipan how supportive Fr. Ryan has been of the NCW in Saipan. Fr. Ryan did not allow the NCW communities to celebrate the Easter Vigil for a couple of years, not sure if they were able to do this past one.
Isnt Fr. Antonelli the priest who was welcoming people to receive sacraments at his parish as long as they were accompanied with a sealed envelope? Many Guam residents have been availing of this offer for years. 

-Jokers Wild 


  1. OK, once again I need some education. Although I have no knowledge to prove or disprove Jokers statements, I thought sacraments were not for sale. A sacrament is a sacred thing and thus cannot be bought or sold. Isn’t selling sacraments considered simony? Now a person receiving the sacrament may want to donate to the priest giving them the sacrament, but a payment is not required and the priest shouldn’t refuse unless he knows without doubt you are not in a state of grace.

    A priest is not responsible for knowing whether we are is a state of grace. If we decide to receive a sacrament while not in a state of grace that is a mortal sin and a sacrilege. To receive a sacrament unworthily when not in grace does not give any sanctifying or sacramental grace. It is a sin and just a procedure.

    Are people stupid enough to want to receive a sacrament when they are not in good grace and thus meaningless and a sin?

    1. Sadly you are assuming people know these things when for 40 years we've been told Jesus loves us no matter what.

    2. nowadays, especially here in "progressive" seattle, the thinking of many Catholics is to not call the sin a sin in the first place. the only real sin is when you hurt someone else's feelings or when you do something without the other person's consent.

      and even with that, there's no need to confess because God has already forgiven you. but if you feel the need, you can attend the reconciliation service with general absolution, offered twice a year.

    3. Fr.Matthew Blockley.November 8, 2015 at 11:43 AM

      Thank you Rey. I think the older a person gets they realize to a greater degree the mistakes that have been made in life. I think it is a good practice to avail,of the sacrament of confession at least once a month. These days we never know when the Lord will call us and it's best to be always ready living in a state of grace ready for our own final judgement. The Sacrament of reconciliation best celebrated monthly.

  2. Not related to the subject matter at hand, but just returned from Mass and I encourage Apuron to take heed of today's Gospel.

    1. Sadly, he only pays heed to his Neo handlers.

  3. What is assignment for Presbyter Pedro?

    1. I wondered that myself. I watched the entire ordination online last night and no mention was made of his assignment.

  4. "You might as well show up and protest with them if you are going to comment as you have on this blog. Double thumbs down for you. Fake!
    -Jokers Wild"

    It's disingenuous of Jokers Wild to call someone "Fake" when he (Adrian) refuses to identity himself.
    I believe that Adrian is the one who gave me and my sign a "thumbs down."
    I can see his face but of course I can't prove it was he, but I believe it was. He gives himself away by referencing a "double thumbs down." I am thinking the use of another digit would be appropriate for Jokers Wild/Adrian. And like him, I'd double the sign using the same digit from both hands pointing straight.
    We know your personality Adrian, you give yourself away every time play in the jungle.
    This blog is for faithful Catholics who are defending our a Church against the likes of you. There is nothing Christ-like in you. What do you see when you look in the mirror? A mitre sitting on your ungodly head? Dream on...
    Eileen Benavente-Blas