Friday, November 6, 2015


The Laity Movement Group will be holding a prayer gathering on Sunday, November 8 at 10 am,  at the front of the Cathedral Basilica. Please invite your family and friends.

For more information please contact Teri at 727-3577, Juanita at 734-3201and Priscilla at 969-7842.


  1. As a member of the clergy I cannot pray with you, but I thoroughly support your prayer gathering.. My protest will be seen by my absence, and the absence of many of us.
    Please do report on how many presbyters were there and how many priests. It should be a stark message for our shepherd.
    I hope you get no thumbs down, and a lot of friendly thumbs up. God bless!

    1. Thank you, anon @ 5:54. Unfortunately, the newly ordained presbyter's first "mass" will be at San Dionisio in Merizo. If members of the parish have the will, a protest there would be most unsettling.

      Eventually, the clergy too will need to make a choice. Continue to be ordered about willy nilly or stand with your people to fight for the faith.

    2. I think that it is difficult to ask the clergy to publically make such a statement. This disobedience is the thing AAA can use to get rid of them, then we will be left with only those "Neo priest".

    3. I am well aware of the clergy and their obligation to obey. I am not asking them to make any statements. I am reminding them of their allegiance to Jesus Christ and the teachings of the magesterium. They will someday soon have to stand up for TRUTH! Otherwise, by their silence, they condone heresy. Remember, Viva Christo Rey!