Monday, November 23, 2015


I have had several comments sent both anonymously and confidentially that "this will not end well for Tony," and I have been fielding this kind of information for two years. 

At first I thought the comments only inferred that his past would be finally exposed and he would be unceremoniously deposed. But two more confidential emails after I posted frenchie's recent comment (copied below) have confirmed that a possible plan to throw Tony "under the bus," may not be a figure of speech. 

At the top, the NCW is a syndicate, a money-laundering syndicate and a gang of thugs (just look at who they make their "catechists" on the local level). 

There is blackmail here, through and through, and Apuron has no way of untangling himself. It has been known for awhile that he has "failed." No one was supposed to know about the Deed Restriction until he was dead or gone or both. No one was supposed to get wise to the real goings-on at RMS, but Presbyter Louie couldn't keep his mouth shut (ahem), and Wadeson got careless. 

Even with that they might have gotten away with it, but they themselves got too greedy when they went after Santa Barbara and the Cathedral. They had no idea that some amongst the laity would rise up. We were supposed to sit down, shut up, and obey. There wasn't supposed to be a blog, especially one that posts actual documentation of their lie after lie and theft after theft. 

Apuron has known for awhile that he is not "loved" by the NCW, he is only useful. They baited him with their fawning, with their applause, with their strokes. He was easy prey. But now that he is no longer useful...he knows he's in trouble...and Rome is the least of his worries. 

Maybe by exposing a possible plot here, we may make Kiko's thugs think twice. We want Apuron back healthy enough to sign on the dotted line and to set things right. However, this may be precisely the reason Kiko's thugs don't want him to come back. As Frenchie says, it allows Pius the Putrid to buy time. Even now The Putrid is on a somewhere. 

P.S. Those of you who know "frenchie," or even if you have only been following his comments, know that he has access to real intel in the highest halls of power. This isn't a joke. 

  1. Dear Anon, if you knew you were going to get hit with some of the worst scandals of your thirty years reign, you probably would go away for a while, to secure some of your ill gained fortunes and to relax a little bit before coming back in the proverbial lion's den.
    AAA knows what is coming with a one, two, punch that will destroy what little is left of his already very damaged reputation.
    He will be served by CCOG with their last attempt before a lawsuit, which will demonstrate once and for all, his conniving ways and his scheming methods.
    Then he will be confronted with the ghost of the 77 past, a moment he has dreaded for years, which Adrian, David and Pius have used to blackmail him in that tiny corner where he painted himself in.
    The king is naked, and unlike in the old adage, he knows it. He knows the NCW and their goons will throw him under the bus without hesitation.
    Some will say, he had it coming, which in a sense is right. But the time, money and energy wasted because of his sins and his lack of courage will haunt us for years.

    Actually Tony still has an option to save himself at least partially. He could go to the priests he persecuted and ask them for shelter, while he comes clean to the whole Archdiocese and the authorities, while being ready to finish his life where he belongs, but at least saving his soul.
    This is highly unlikely, first because he has demonstrated throughout his life that he is a coward, but mostly because he is a prisoner of Pius and the people around him. He knows he probably would not survived the night at his residence.
    Another heart attack in the tradition of the people that gravitated around the likes of Kiko, Carmen and the Gennarini's, who ended up that way, right at the right time.
    Actually they already kind of got us prepared for that, by leaking the stories about his heart condition......
    At least now you have the tools to discern the strings that manipulate the puppets of that tragic theater.

    Gennarini's and Pius might actually have orchestrated the whole affair, and spirited him away for a month, while they decided, as to best proceed.
    If Tony was to meet an untimely death on the road, (heart attack, car accident, mugging, you name it), the CCOG would have difficulty serving their last attempt at reconciliation, or at least the goons would gain time.
    They could point to living the past be, if a sexual abuse victim, would suddenly surfaced.
    Plus it would give them more time to influence Rome in putting one of their choosing, to replace Tony.
    The game of chess is never over with these evil people.

    So lets pray that Tony and his toyboy both come back swiftly and in good health, because if they do not, our problems could get a lot worse before they get better.

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