Friday, November 6, 2015


....the article remembering Archbishop Flores appearing in the U Matuna the week AFTER we noted that the U Matuna had entirely skipped any mention of his 30 year death anniversary, how much you want to bet that we are going to see the missing Aviso in this week's U Matuna even though according to Diana Susanna the "aviso" to the neos was announced last month? For the record here is a screen shot of the official avisos from the archdiocesan website. There is no Aviso regarding the appointment of Pius the Putrid.

And what? No story about Harold going "in mission" as he "announced" on October 21. What? Don't you rate with these guys?? They got their picture in the paper and a whole story about their wonderful work "somewhere."

(BTW. 2 years now and we haven't heard hide nor hair of these guys.)

But then of course we know you are not going "in mission"...unless of course "in mission" means carrying "Tony's" bags (and that's being nice).

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