Sunday, November 15, 2015


Since Apuron's side (in the name of Diana-Susanna) maintains that they must protect against walker-aided cripples because they might be ISIS-trained suicide-bombers trying to blow up their party at the Hyatt, I believe we have some room to respond in view of what happened in Paris on Friday without making light of it in the least.

While we moderns might look back on things like the Crusades and the Inquisitions with guilt and embarrassment, we do so from the safe distance of several centuries. The Crusades, and especially the Inquisitions, were essentially about combatting heresy. 

In times when the government was the church and the church was the government, heresy was more than just a difference of opinion. Heresy was a threat to civil order. Thus Thomas Aquinas wrote: (heretics deserved) "not only to be separated from the Church, but also to be eliminated from the world by death.

As the above-referenced article explains, by "heretic," Aquinas did not mean a Jew or a Muslim. He meant a Catholic who chooses to deny his faith in whole or in part. 

As per Aquinas' definition, the founder of Islam was not a heretic and Islam is technically not a heresy, but it is very likely that Muhammed fashioned what became Islam out of a heresy, a Christian heresy: Nestorianism

Nestorius was not just any Catholic. He was the Patriarch of Constantinople, essentially the "pope of the East." Nestorius called into question the nature of Jesus. He argued that Jesus was NOT one person who was "fully human and fully divine," but was two persons: one human and one divine. 

Nestorius died in 450, but his heresy did not. It spread like fire and by the time of Muhammed (570-632), Nestorianism dominated the Arabian Peninsula. Given the traces of Nestorianism in Muhammed's writings, many scholars now agree that Islam had Christian roots, heretical ones. 

Today, there are those who tell us "who are we to question the bishop?" The Church eventually did get around to questioning Nestorius, but not before his errors had spread...and inspired and informed a man named Muhammed...

Hindsight is of no use, unless of course it is translated into foresight. How different the world might have been had Nestorius been engaged and shut down at the outset. But he wasn't. After all, he was a "bishop." 

Last January when the Romans were here, the word "heresy" was used by one of the members of the CCOG to describe certain teachings of the Neocatechumenal Way, such as "Jesus is a sinner." The CCOG members who were at the meeting later related that the bishop in charge of the inquiry was very put off by the use of that word by a layman, which apparently, according to the bishop, was reserved for the church to determine. 

It is more than a proverb that "Rome moves slowly." It is a fact. Meanwhile, so long as our own bishop will not stand up against these errors, errors we can demonstrate and prove - WE WILL (lest we birth the next Muhammed).


  1. Where are knights of holy sepulcher ?? Knights of Saint Sylvester? Notify Rome we are suffering! What's the point of being a Knight? A uniform? Feathers? Capes?

    1. Who says we haven't written Rome? I know we are on the same side, but I take offense to your comment that we are just here for the uniform, feathers, and capes!!!

    2. How would anybody know? I'm not saying you should make it public, but if you prefer to remain hidden then you can't take offense for people not knowing.

    3. As a PS, click on the label Knights of the Holy Sepucher to review what Apuron will try to do to you if you speak I did.

  2. Tim is right. This fight is ours because Rome has chosen to submit to this heretic called Brother Tony and his master called Kiko.

    Fanohge Chamoru!

  3. It's all about the money!

    Do not support the NCW and their cronies, directly or indirectly.

  4. In this case, where are the Knights of Columbus? They have worldwide power as a Catholic group, with the ability to harness their defense of faithful Catholics everywhere. Yes, it does seem that all the feathers, headgear and swords are nothing but empty embellishments. Faithful Catholics hereby challenge these organizations to act on their behalf! Prayer is important but we need action before the entire situation puts Catholicism in an even steeper decline. The credibility of the local church leadership is non-existent, and all these lay organizations are useless bystanders and not capable of doing anything? So all these endless oaths and commitments were merely empty gestures? This is a test of their character in defending attacks on faithful Catholicism, even to the point of questioning the archbishop who does not run the show. So sad that we behave as if nothing so vile and divisive is going on. This jubilee celebration is an empty shell, a useless gesture, a laughable charade. Laughable. Laughable. Laughable. No matter how long-winded and forced the prayer is, there is no effect because there is no heart, no sincerity. Have we ever heeded the scripture reading that is paraphrased thus, "if you are offering at the altar of God and realize that you are at odds with your fellow man, leave your offering and be first reconciled with your brother..."?

    1. Where are the Knights of Columbus?
      We are right here in the parishes that have been impacted by the Archbishop’s decisions. We are in the parishes impacted directly by this issue.

      Before proceeding further, these are my personal comments and do not reflect the position of the Knights of Columbus Guam or the Supreme office. These are my opinions.

      You ask where are the Knights?
      We are there standing with many of you on the street corners and in front of the Chancery praying the rosary. We are at the CCOG meetings. We are on this blog. In fact, I would even guess that many comment on this blog.

      You ask where are the Knights? We have been here.
      Are we standing there in full regalia with sword in hand to raise arms against our church leaders? No. Last I looked, we are still part of a nation of laws. And, we are not the church police. But, we are impacted by what happens in our church as we are still part of the Catholic faithful. So we speak through our actions.

      We take an active role in our parish.
      We work with our parish priest.
      We join the parish council.
      We participate in various ministries – choir, lector, minister, usher.
      We do these things to strengthen our faith and our church.
      We work, alongside many of our parish community, to strengthen our church foundation.

      You slight me for wearing my formal uniform, with feathers, headgear, and sword.
      You do not see what I do when I am not in uniform, and I take offense at that.

      I am a Knight. I am sworn to defend my bishop and priest. And I am torn between my sworn duty to follow my bishop and the allegiance to my faith. Faith comes first, which puts me at odds with my bishop (and if you have been a Knight for any length of time, you will know how painful this is). That has meant choosing not to attend particular parishes. It has also meant sacrifices to this great organization I belong to. I have seen councils in impacted parishes wither and die. It has meant standing up and walking out during “witnessing”. It means seeing my brother Knights move their entire families to other parishes so they can worship properly. I have seen the burden and tension this has placed on our local organizational leaders. And all these things weigh heavily on my heart.

      So when you ask where are the Knights? We are here! We have been here. We suffer right beside you. We pray for a peaceful resolution. We, too, ask our superiors and Rome to intercede. We pray it will not come down to our own Cristero Rebellion.

      Archbishop Fulton Sheen stated, “Who is going to save our Church? Do not look to the Bishops. It’s up to you, the laity, to remind our priests to be priests and our Bishops to be Bishops.”

      And so, I made a decision to join the Knights of Columbus.
      I welcome you to join our ranks as well.

      Vivat Jesus!


  5. The fight is left to faithful Catholics. Rome will not help us as quickly as we would like. There are still many faithful Catholics on Guam who are unaware of the treachery of their supposed spiritual leader Anthony S. Apuron, aka Puppet of the Neo leadership.
    As a bishop with over 30 years of spiritual leadership, Apuron hasn't the will, energy, smarts (take your pick) to write an original Sunday reflection for the Umatuna si Yu'os diocesan paper.
    He signs himself "Sevus tuus" Latin for "your servant."
    Better he sign himself "servientes mihi" Latin for
    "Serving myself."
    Eileen Benavente-Blas

  6. Can't the leadership in the Archdiocese of Agana ever do anything right nowadays? It is fail, after fail, after fail! The Apuron administration does not inspire confidence and Christian joy anymore, and his staff does not help either. They are all over each other, trying to grab attention yet only manage to get notoriety by epic failures and misguided proclamations. There is no desire to engage the human side of their constituents and they only succeed in further alienating the emotions and sympathy of the people. Guam is an extremely forgiving society but people are fed up by the Apuronic arrogance that he sets up as an example for his inner circle. Sad, very sad.

  7. You People Are F****** SICK

    1. Hello Adrian. There - I beat Tim to it. Adrian watch your language. Shame on you.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. My comment was meant for anonymous at 4:55 AM:
      Please provide specific details to back up your claim. I could say the same about you.
      My apologies to anonymous at 5:18 AM for my mistake.
      Eileen Benavente-Blas

    4. Adrian,
      Your penance for your vulgar language, wash your mouth out with soap three times, throw all the pots and pans at the chancery to Clarios, sit naked overnight on the roof and tomorrow come back and report to JW your progress..

    5. Adrian,
      Your penance for your vulgar language, wash your mouth out with soap three times, throw all the pots and pans at the chancery to Clarios, sit naked overnight on the roof and contemplate what you have done wrong and tomorrow come back and report to JW your progress..

    6. Dear Anon at 12.38,
      for Adrian to sit naked on the roof is not a penance, but rather a reward. Specially if he can look through the neighbors' windows.....
      He is a well known "voyeur", as well as a closeted exhibitionist .
      Please do not subject the neighborhood to such unsightly views.
      We have to protect the children.

  8. Besides, Kiko told you to stay off of social media, so OBEY!

  9. related to this thread ... i just saw a column by bill pesch on ( regarding the question of living wills and do-not-resuscitate orders. i myself haven't read up much on this area of pro-life.

    but it would have been good to have a good bishop who could TEACH clearly on this topic and ANSWER effectively these questions that come up in modern society.

    instead, guam has a bishop who only submits weak and embarrassing ghostwritten testimonies to the legislature while he's off-island gallivanting somewhere, and doesn't do much else.

    1. Fr. Francis Walsh is his writer, and he has written a response. At least this time he put his own name on it. I do appreciate Fr. Walsh's willingness to stand up in the press. I do not appreciate his ghost writing for Apuron. That said, I find it problematic that we essentially have NO religious leaders (not just Apuron) that are willing to take anything on in the press other than gambling.

    2. i take that as a sign of hope, then.

      if only apuron wasn't tainted and deformed (or malformed?) by neocat influence. would that arguments about morality were conducted on guam as reasonably, intelligently, and respectfully as jimmy akin did with scott adams, the atheist creator of the 'dilbert' cartoon. perhaps in the not-too-distant future.

    3. Isn't Newark missing Walsh. Apuron has miles. Send him back. Just about only guy left.

    4. I think Fr. Francis Walsh has already moved on to Washington D.C. Holy Name of Jesus Parochial Vicar

    5. Fr. Francis Walsh has not yet moved on. He just said the 6 p.m. Monday mass in the cathedral Blessed Sacrament Chapel here on Guam tonight.

    6. Sorry, I guess I was wrong. There is another Fr. Francis M Walsh in D.C.
      Walsh, Rev. Francis M. (1967)
      Neo-Catechumenal Way
      In Residence, Holy Name

      2 Fr. Francis M Walshes who are in the Neocatechumenal Way and who like to write Updated 10/1/2015

  10. Wow. The same person in Guam and DC. Now Diana Susanna will tout the Way using Francis as an example....join the way and you can bilocate.
    Just like Wadeson. Just like Harold. Just like Jason. Just like Luis. Oh wait, he actually resigned from one office before being sent on paid vacation.
    What a thorough SCAM.

    1. Yep. Fr. Walsh is incardinated in D.C., not Guam, where he has been since about 2005. I am wondering about the ethics of a parish listing him as a parochial vicar when he hasn't been there for a decade. Shouldn't they be showing him as "on mission?"

  11. The wonderful world of Kiko and Carmen......