Monday, November 30, 2015


Posted by Chuck White

If you really want to get the goods on Kiko and his band of hucksters, you have to...

tap into Italian and Spanish sources.  There really are few other options.  Just try to find one of Kiko's talks or speeches in English.  It's impossible.

That's why I was delighted to get my hands on a new book by Lino Lista, an expert on the esoteric ways of the Way.  Lista's book is titled "Il Fango e il Segreto" ("The Mud and the Secret") and is virtual goldmine of Neo secrets.  The Scrutinies, the Rite of Election, the Honeymoon in Jerusalem, the Milk and the Honey...oops.  I'm getting ahead of myself.

Stay tuned.


  1. Has this book been translated to English yet?

  2. An informal and private translation in English of this 165-page work is well underway. English translations of three other key books written in Spanish have also been started.

  3. Excellent. Can we assume that you will advise us accordingly? There are certain clergy in my Diocese that need to read this.

    1. Drop me a line at the Thoughtful Catholic, and we can discuss your needs. Be sure to use your real name and location though. Also, I'll be sure to tell the author, Lino Lista, of your interest in an official English version. Who knows, he might have something in the works.

  4. Chuck,
    Am interested in getting copy of english translation of this book also, I firmly believe that in order to counteract the errors of the enemy, we must be very familiar with his tactics.

  5. The method to understand the new aesthetics of Kiko is very simple. What I mean by new aesthetics is every neocatechumenal invention, artistic and liturgical. Kiko Arguello is a painter who uses illustrative techniques. The reference textual units are in Kiko's catechism, the "mamotreti". This applies to the icons, architecture, songs, liturgical objects, rituals.
    For example: this is the neocatechumenal supper, that is the passage from death to life as in the first mamotreto

  6. Grazie, Lino, and thank you also for your fine book!

    The picture in the link that Lino provided is discussed at length here.