Thursday, December 3, 2015


Posted by Chuck White

Coming soon to a fine blog near you:  "The Gospel of the Wretched", written by the Kiko Arguello in 1967, during the exciting early days of the Way!  

Was he mad?  Was he manic?  Stay tuned!


  1. He is all of the above and controls weak minds.

  2. This Thingie thinks RMS ate diocesan . Why then are thier homilies so ill prepared and lacking both in substance and of any spiritual

    DianaDecember 2, 2015 at 2:19 PM
    Dear Anonymous at 11:26 am,

    RMS is diocesan. There are priests from the RM seminary ordained by Pope Francis Some of the RMS priests on Guam are now serving in Guam's parish.

    1. Has Kiko fulfilled his quota of sending his 2000 missionaries to China? We are too far away from this Communistic country. Presbyters? Are there any takers now that you are ordained so called diocesan missionaries? Oops, life is to comfortable for you here, eh! This was your calling! This was your vision! Now raise your hand and volunteer to go to China. What? Did I just hear the words " fear of persecution."

  3. Even if all their Presbyters are ordained by the pope, If they are not called by God to this ministry and are not psychologically, intellectually, spiritually prepared they are still bogus, fake presbyters. Like the saying goes, if you ain't got it, you cant give it.

  4. So true, 3:06 PM. Your common sense is even unattainable for these simpletons. They are the willing slaves of a human master. So hard for us to fathom how these otherwise promising young men get snared in the deceptive ncw web. Its is human trafficking through brainwashing.

  5. Missionaries, my ass! They are all scaredy cats who think we can be fooled by their zealous platitudes. Hah! Cowards these neos! They are holed up in their ill-gotten shelter aka RMS every chance they get. They don't know crap what it means to be real missionaries whose apostolic zeal go beyond cushy digs away from the people they say they serve. I don't think these apuron-pampered brats really stand a chance to live a missionary lifestyle. The only way these presbyters can be useful to us is if they give up their charade, be honest with us for once, and leave us the hell alone. Please leave Guam already, ncw, you are false prophets.