Friday, December 18, 2015


One can only be at once amused and horrified at the depths to which this archbishop, his handlers, and his "Diana" defenders are willing to stoop in their cancerous need to continue to defraud the Catholics of Guam. 

The publication of the certificate of title to the Yona property with the conveniently missing memorial on the front page of the U Matuna on the First Sunday of Advent is pure evidence of how rotten and evil these people have become - or rather, just how rotten and evil is the neo-cult movement to which they subscribe, with Apuron and his people merely the decaying stench-filled droppings of the larger beast. 

It is 99.99% IMPROBABLE that the published certificate of title just "happened" to be missing the entry in the memorials section of the title showing the contested deed. Therefore it is 99.99% PROBABLE that Apuron (i.e. David the VG) abused his office and his collar to threaten some poor person with an "arduous and painful closure to his assignment" if he or she didn't produce the version of the certificate of title needed to perpetrate his fetid fraud. 

Because that certificate was published on the front page of the U Matuna, and because Apuron's people pushed the story to the Pacific Daily News, which also gave it front page space, it can now no longer be written off as just an "error" once we identify the source of the misleading certificate. And believe me, we will FIND the source!

That means that some poor person is either going to lose his job or be in someway publicly and grievously hurt once he (or she) is exposed and after Apuron's people throw him under the bus - as they surely will. 

And for what? To prop up a morally perforated bishop? A spiritually withered and cowardly vicar general? A conniving and corrupt chancellor worse than any Da Vinci code villain? Or the comically inept posterior smooching Deacon For Sure For Sure?

How interesting that Apuron and his pathetic band of derelict defenders were so anxious to publish the defective title when four years ago there was not a single mention of the so-called Deed of Restriction and was only discovered three years after it was recorded, buried in the files at Land Management, after my own research. 


If there wasn't anything wrong with what Apuron did then why did he secret the deed away? 

If the deed is only a "declaration" of "restriction" on use and does not affect the ownership - as the google-lawyer Diana Susanna continues to protest, then why wasn't said Decree of Declaration and attached Deed Restriction published in the U Matuna as readily and enthusiastically as the pathetic stooges published the (false) certificate of title? Why was it secretly recorded on November 22, 2011? And why did it lay buried for three years until I dug it up?

I will tell you why.

Because Apuron knew that the 2011 Deed in fact gave the property away. He knew because his legal counsel told him so. He knew because he was warned - as the Sept 7, 2011 finance council agenda records, that if he did not amend the RMS corporate documents that said Deed would give all control of the property to another corporate entity and remove it both from the patrimony and control of the office of the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Agana. 

And, once again, let there be no doubt that despite whatever the document was called, the actual language of the document TRANSFERRED absolute control of the property to RMS:
"NOW, THEREFORE, KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, THAT Owner hereby covenants and declares that the Property is and shall be held, used, transferred, sold and conveyed subject to the covenants and restrictions set forth herein..."
The plan was to leave the deed secreted away and only bring it forward if Apuron was replaced by a bishop unfriendly to the NCW. Plan A was actually to make Adrian or David the next bishop. But Gennarini is no fool, and the very fact that he had the foresight to have a Plan B is a testament to what he thought of those two corrupt and bumbling idiots. 

The secretly recorded deed was Plan B. Should the next bishop not be a stooge like Apuron and not be friendly to the NCW, Gennarini would simply walk into the new bishop's office and slap the deed down on the desk and either blackmail the new bishop into letting the NCW continue or make a mega-million dollar deal. 

Witnesses willing to sign an affidavit have described the shouting match that occurred between Gennarini and legal counsel Ed Terlaje over this matter. Sadly Mr. Terlaje, as he has for nearly four decades, and probably pro bono, thought he was defending the interests of the Archbishop. It must have come as a helluva shock when his "friend" of nearly forty years, the despicable child with the pointy hat, sided with Gennarini against the long-serving Mr. Terlaje. 

One of those present approached Pius the Putrid after this horrible event where Apuron allowed Mr. Terlaje to be shouted down by Gennarini and told Pius the Putrid to ask Gennarini to apologize to Mr. Terlaje. Pius laughed off the request. 

Merry Christmas from the Ladrones.

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