Saturday, December 19, 2015


As a bit of a prologue to the post below, KIKO'S VIRGINS, by Chuck White, I'd like to add a few comments. 

Kiko's bastardization of Scripture and indeed the whole of the Christian faith, is only possible because most Catholics simply have no catechetical center of reference. And the fact that Kiko has had such an easy time of spreading his heresy in Guam is not just an indictment on a corrupt bishop and a few fools, but a scorecard on the miserable state of real CATHOLIC catechesis in this diocese for many years. 

Case in point. The Neo's essentially hold a weekly study of Scripture wherein they are indoctrinated with Kiko's interpretations of it. While we may be horrified by what is taught, where else in this diocese do Catholics have access to a weekly study of Scripture? And led by someone solid in the Church's (NOT HIS OWN) understanding of it?

I inserted "NOT HIS OWN" for a very important reason. For it is not necessary to a attend a neo-cult event to hear Scripture twisted. I sometimes wonder if some of our non-neo priests, the ones we are depending on to lead us out of this wilderness and back to sanity when the dust settles, don't spend more time reading pop theology than studying Scripture in light of the "Fathers" (as Chuck illustrates) and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. 

I suppose this little entry will make me a few more enemies (get in line), but the sad fact is that there was already a mass exodus from the Catholic Church of Guam long before the NCW became a central problem. In fact, we can be sure that there are still more Catholics leaving for other "churches" (or no church at all), than are leaving for the NCW. 

(Some will blame "the times" or "secularization," but that doesn't explain why other "churches" are bursting at the seams with ex-Catholics - and some of those churches are far more demanding than anything these ex-Catholics grew up with.)

The problem isn't only with our clerical leadership. Several years ago as my kids began becoming old enough to go to school, I visited a few Catholic schools and asked to see their religion texts. Most of those texts avoided the word "Catholic" in favor of "God's people." I won't get into the full issue now, but is it any wonder why our sons and daughters who are immersed in the idea of "God's people" vs the Catholic Church, eventually believe all religions are the same and there's no reason in particular to remain Catholic? 

A few years ago I was part of a plan to remedy this problem. A catechetical series was introduced into grades 1-8 which put the emphasis back on a Catholic identity and solid Catholic catechesis. The series was the only catechetical series that had been immediately approved by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops while all others had to be returned for revisions. I understand that in several schools the series was soon abandoned because "it was too hard." 

Another case in point. While running a book store for several years I often had Catholic customers asking for a "Children's bible," a bible children could "understand." I had to explain to them that there are no "children's bibles." There are only books with bible stories and then there are bibles. I would show them the "bibles" and they would walk away. 

Meanwhile, the kids over at the other "Christian" schools begin first grade with a full-fledged version of the King James Bible and are tasked with immediately memorizing large portions of it. Apparently a real bible is too hard for Catholic kids. 

I don't know about you but "hard" is seeing your child leave the Catholic faith whether it be for another faith or no faith at all - particularly if you've spent years of tuition money to give your child what you thought was a "Catholic education." 

Yes, Kiko is a freak. But he is also a smart man. He saw the soft under-belly of 40 years of a "God-loves-you" only catechesis. He saw the timidity of pastors to teach the hard truths of the Catholic faith. He saw the rudderless religion of an entire generation of Catholics for whom a real Catechism and a real Bible were "too hard." And he saw his opportunity. He took it. It was easy. It was easy because our lamps had long since run out of oil when we surrendered ourselves and our children to the system of "easy." 

I think you know how to fight back, and it is not just with protests and signs, or even with just prayer. If you want to change some things, then you are going to need to "change some things."

P.S. Perhaps today's Epistle, Isaiah 11:1-5, (Extraordinary Form) can serve as a reminder of how God himself teaches...and how we once did as well: "He shall strike the ruthless with the rod of His mouth, and with the breath of His lips He shall slay the wicked." 

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