Tuesday, January 5, 2016


On July 29, 2014, Archbishop Apuron - even though he had never attempted to work out the issues with Msgr. James - released a statement to the press about his removal of Msgr. James as rector of the Cathedral, as director of Catholic Cemeteries, and as director of the Archdiocesan Development Group and the dissolution of that entity. 

Going public about an internal problem between a priest and a bishop is unprecedented. It was one of the most grotesque acts ever by a bishop and it brought immense shame to the Catholics of our island and indeed the Church as a whole. 

But bringing shame and scandal to the Catholic Church was only part of what Apuron did. He not only publicly trashed Msgr. James, he falsely used other priests to do it. 

In order to appear like he was not acting alone, he stated in his public statement that he had consulted with the Presbyteral Council and they had "expressed their support":

See full document here:

On August 4, 2014, five members of the Presbyteral Council, Fathers Tom McGrath, Jeff San Nicolas,  Mike Crisostomo, Patrick Castro and Gus Gumataotao, wrote Apuron stating that they were NOT CONSULTED ON THE MATTER:

See full document here:

The five members went on to request that Apuron clarify his statement. Of course since Apuron lied there was nothing to clarify, so as usual he said nothing until finally the Media got involved and something had to be said. So then, again "as usual", Adrian the Pathetic did Apuron's lying for him:

See full story at:

Of course there are several Cristobal lies here. Adrian said Apuron "still has every intention of meeting" with the priests who signed the letter. He never met with them and there was never any intent to meet with them. Cristobal said that Apuron explained clearly to them that he was "going to take action." Obviously five priests to one say that Apuron did not explain clearly. And Cristobal's words "take action," is a way for him to avoid mentioning Msgr. James because clearly the five priests from the Council had NO idea that that was what he was going to do. 

The sheer evil of this constant LYING is beyond imagination. It goes on and on and on. And while the LIES come out of Apuron's mouth, they are put there, as demonstrated here, by Cristobal. And behind Cristobal is the Kiko-Gennarini-Pius axis of Evil - amazingly encouraged and sponsored by an even greater evil in our church hierarchy. 

Now, let me speak very clearly and at the risk of offending some. 

There has been a lot of news lately about a recent production of the documentary I AM CHAMORRO. It rightly documents and celebrates the beauty and resilience of the Chamorro people, religion and culture. I can't help but note that this documentary has come about amidst the backdrop of the most shameful period in Catholic Chamorro history - a period that is seeing its own bishop turn on his people. 

If there ever was a time to live up to the words I AM CHAMORRO. If there ever was a time to live up to the words I AM CATHOLIC. If there ever was a time to stand up to the most insidious band of liars and marauders. If there ever was time to fight for your island, your church, and your children, IT IS NOW!

Jesus told us we would find the abomination in the temple and so we have. Yes, pray. But do not use "prayer" to cover for your cowardice. Jesus prayed, AND THEN HE DID. 

While the lying, cheating, and stealing of Apuron, Cristobal, and David are heinous and destructive, the only thing more heinous and destructive are people who are willing to let them lie, cheat, and steal. 

Speak up. Stand up. These three liars and thieves are betting that you won't. 


  1. Tim,

    This is hierarchical abuse. These people, Archbishop, Msgr. David the VG, and Adrian the liar, are using the offices of the Church to promote their personal and misguided agenda.

    In speaking with some priests, I asked them to clarify and update me and my family regarding the latest audit for the archdiocese. I am told that the clergy recently had a meeting with the 3 idiots on the Hill, along with representatives of Deloitte, and they said that according to the report, there is no audit - only a "REVIEW."

    If that's the case then this is another lie since wasn't that the reason why Msgr. Benavente was removed, because the cathedral and cemetery were "in-auditable"?
    What the heck! So all along, there was never an intent to do a full on audit, but was an excuse to remove Msgr. Benavente.

    I spoke to several priests and they told me that much of what Msgr. Benavente did was commendable in keeping these entities afloat, and they were amazed at his accomplishment all in the name of the church. Most amazing is how he managed to bring in $54,000 a month to pay for both the cathedral and cemetery loans each month all these years and never defaulted.

    Now, from what I've heard out in the streets and from clergy members is how since Msgr. Benavente's removal, the cathedral has borrowed $800,000 from Bank of Guam to pay for their debts. Amazing how Msgr. Benavente, based on your posts, payed down the cathedral renovation from $7 million down to $1.6 million when he was removed and now the new administration through Msgr. David the VG has added to the debt as opposed to paying it down. Is this true? Is is also true that of the $800,000 loan borrowed from Bank of Guam, $500,000 is to reimbursement to the Archbishop? Does that mean in one year alone, Msgr. David Quitugua the VG has increased and has amassed a $500,000 debt?

    Several priests also tile me that how Msgr. Benavente handles the finances is no different than what they do. They said, remember, there is no set income. All church income are donations so it fluctuates.

    In conclusion remove them all from the Hill. It's no wonder I refuse to return to my former cathedral parish.

  2. Tim, OFFEND US! I really think WE ALL NEED A SWIFT KICK IN THE PANTS!! When are the rest of the "Concerned Catholics" going to rise up to this abuse??? We are all in this coop together....the fox(es) are in the coop, stealing the "eggs"..... Does a person, who has been told they have developed CANCER, "WAIT" until the ailment is incurable??? TAKE ACTION, PEOPLE !!! This is Our Church.

    I was speaking to my wife the other day and the discussion centered on Obedience....She asked why do the priests, who know whats going on on our island, say something or step up to the Tyrant Three??? I explained it's about their vow of obedience. We, however as laity, did not give our obedience to this bishop or the other Jokers. WE....WE THE LAITY can do something. Don't wait for ROME to do anything, dear Catholic faithful. "WE' have to be the ones to take action. It is only going to be ourselves to blame when this tidal wave of evil overcomes us.

  3. Raymond – ALLELUIA! Though your comment has been said and written about often in the past (especially by Tim and others), yours has kind of PUT A LID ON THE COFFIN! How much more, and how often more, does it need to be said: “Catholic People of our Church – ARISE!” I echo your plea that “we” – that’s you, he, she, they and I – MUST actually DO something about what’s been going on. It is totally deficient to just sit back and read and write about what’s been going on – and offer our “Kudos; go get ‘em, Tiger!”. WE MUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

    Over the almost 2 years that I’ve been following this fiasco, I’ve gone from curious, to concerned, to worried, to putting in my 2¢ via an anonymous commenter, to involving myself with others of similar mind (CCOG), to finally shedding my anonymity, to studying what actually drives AAA and NCW to do what they are doing, to pleading with the Archbishop for true-actual healing, to writing to our Papal Nuncio for help, to participating in protests, and to tripling my prayers to God and rosaries to our Blessed Mother. I think God is trying to send us ALL a message. “ARISE, JERUSALEM!” Thank you, Raymond, for the reminder. Yes; we all need that “kick in the pants” to get us off our duff! What are we waiting for – till the cancer is on Stage 4? We have none to blame but ourselves if it is already “too late”!

    And what is it that we need to “arise”? My thoughts:
    1)Shed your anonymity** – Remember: “If YOU do not acknowledge me before men, neither will I acknowledge YOU before My Father”;
    2)Be COMMITTED to the cause, not just an admirer, and a nebulous supporter;
    3)Be seen and heard at protests and prayer vigils;
    4)Support GGOC in principle and action, and – if possible, financially as well so we can proceed with our attempt to protect Church patrimony;
    5)Do your share in spreading the word to others (friends, relatives, neighbors) that we are in “a crisis mode” so far as protecting the faith, practices, liturgy and culture of our One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church;
    6)Continue on our Crusade of Prayers – storm Heaven with Masses, rosaries, prayers. Beg Santa Marian Kamalin to protect the Church – as she did during World War II - and beg St. Michael, the Archangel, to protect us against the snares and wickedness of the Devil.

    Imagine if we had besides CCOG, LFM (Laity Forward Movement), and other small advocate/prayer groups – such staunch and stalwart Catholics who are in high positions in our Catholic community and who are held in high esteem who can and do command respect, admiration, and influence do come out publicly and lead the fight against evil! Notwithstanding the limitations due to my disability, I’d be happy to join such a “Catholic Action Group”. I can be reached at “joesanagustin@gmail.com” Anyone willing to go to bat?

    I end by quoting the original blog from Tim: “Now, let me speak very clearly and at the risk of offending some. If there ever was a time to live up to the words I AM CHAMORRO. If there ever was a time to live up to the words I AM CATHOLIC. If there ever was a time to stand up to the most insidious band of liars and marauders. If there ever was time to fight for your island, your church, and your children, IT IS NOW!”

    ARISE FROM YOUR SLUMBER, O PEOPLE OF GOD! - JRSA (1/5/16). *** So many good comments are coming from Mr/Ms/Mrs Anonymous. Someone, please claim them!