Monday, March 21, 2016


REALLY??? Nearly half of the appeal goes to Apuron to be spent at his discretion???? No accountability? Just whatever and whoever he wants? WT__! You can bet that this is a way to hide the money that goes to C_lingus Louie. I'll have another report on him soon.

And make no mistake, he is internally keeping track of EVERY PENNY each member of the clergy gives and there will be consequences for those who don't give what he expects them to give. In fact, we can bet there will be private "meetings" with those who either personally or whose parishes don't produce. (See the two letters at the end of this post.)

The separate amount to St. John Paul The Great Seminary is a joke. There are maybe two guys there, and there is no seminary. They are forced to take classes with the neos at RMS. And evangelization? LOL. That's code for either funding Sr. Marian or more neocat b.s. And Chaplaincy??? LOL. Remember this from Harold?

And then we find out that "on mission" means tramping off to Columbia with Apuron:

And there's more to this chaplaincy stuff going on, so I'll be back on this one.


  1. Janet B - MangilaoMarch 21, 2016 at 5:20 PM

    Totally interesting how info reflects what the reality, even if they don't expect it.

    The NCW rag says that 10 clergy have donated $3285 total. Last time I saw it, the figure was 4 clergy had given $2650. So the last 6 brave souls gave a whopping $100 each. At that rate the next 6 will be down to less that $25 each.

    More interesting, the fact that only 10 have given, even with the Archbishop's begging for "a show of unity" is a poor show of unity indeed! Only 10...let's see, that means tony, david the vg, adrian the joker, deacon larry the suck up, deacon kim the korean suck up, pius the putrid, francis the muslim sympathizer at rms, and three more neo cat presbyters on the seminary staff. What it means is that no real priest is giving, and not even any of the "regular" presbyters in the parishes.



    1. Oh Janet, you forgot that OJ gave after making money selling his Tropicana Orange Juice. Then there is Harold who donated his stipend from shining Apo'wrongee's shoes. O yeah, don't forget the Canary who sang "Yellow Bird". Ah, last but not least, there is Jucutan who gets paid for his "laolao" (not Lau lau) sermons. Oops, I forgot about Rudeee who volunteered to give up one of his double dipping checks.

  2. Oh, no. Pius the Putrid has a vow of poverty! No contribution there. Just mooching.

  3. Peace be with you my brothers! Seriously, Archbishop? Bye

  4. I got an idea to help brother Tony raise funds for his Archdiocesan Annual Appeal: why not revisit those big donors of the past and ask them to open their hearts and their pocketbooks again? They did it before, surely they will do it again this year, right?

    whatsamatter, tonyboy? you don't have the balls to lie to them anymore?
    No, you don't to answer that. It's pretty obvious to all of us you lost them years ago. (Now I know why you're singing soprano!)

  5. Bro Ton, has dove to the bottom of the barrel, he has resorted to the only ones who are bound by their vow of obedience. What happen? your large doners are now wise to your schemes. Bro Ton, the party is over, you have picked the pockets cleaned and much worse they have gotten wise to your devious ways. Quit picking on the non-neo priest, don"t you have the decency not to beg to those whom you shunted. Absolutely no shame. This is a shinning example of being a Neo, They mooch all they can and contribute nothing. Go away tony and take your Cult with you.