Monday, March 21, 2016


Zoltán Székely ·
Tim Rohr, very few on Guam read your anti-Catholic hate blog full of innuendo and childish behavior. The bulk of your readers are actually recruited from abroad, in foreign countries. Like frenchie, alias no-name Augustus Francus whom you apparently borrowed from the French Foreign Legion. Lol.

You mounted Mr. Klitzlie on a a lame horse. My Chamorro sisters and brothers in the communities are looking at you with amazement. What are you doing for the Catholic Church of Guam? All you can do on the Holy Week is pumping yet another dosage of your own concocted poisonous venom into the public domain.

People need to pray for you and for those whom you deliberately mislead so that you may all hear and heed the wake-up call for sanity proclamed to everybody at the great holiday of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
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Zoltán Székely ·
Danny Sabato, you are shrieking with horror just because someone is countering your one-sided view. Lol. You'd be better to get accustomed to it, pal, that most people differ in opinion from yours.
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Tim Rohr ·
Zoltán Székely Did you say you were a Math professor at our tax payer funded University of Guam? Thanks for the warning. We'll be sure to have our children avoid your class, and will pass a special note to President Robert Underwood. I'm sure he'll want to know that he's paying the salary of a dunce since as per the flag counter posted on my site, 64% of the now 4.3 Million page views in just over 2 years are from Guam. Hoping Mr. Underwood will hire more qualified teachers in the future.
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By the way, Zoltan, you apparently are a hit with my readers. I posted this post at 2:pm and at 2:27 when I added the above pic, your post already had 600 views. Dang, you're good. LOL. Courage. 


  1. It is a complete waste of time to respond to Zoltan who is completely under the spell. A complete Neo zombie, who drank so much Kool Aid that he is completely irrational. His only objective in life is to proof to Pius that he is being persecuted for his loyalty and alligence to Kiko, pius and bro ton. Good boy zoltan, you are a true and faithful servant of kiko.

    1. Actually, Zoltan is very useful for 2 things: 1) to display to the world and thus warn them of what KAKA does the brain, and 2) therapy for me. LOL.

  2. Zoltan rears his ugly head again! Actually I admire him, he's the only brave Neo willing to speak and use his real name. Too bad he's addicted to the Neo drivel.

  3. The reason he uses his name is because he wants the pat on the head from pius and the words "you are a good and faithful martyr. Good boy zoltan now heel. good boy, roll over. atta boy.

    1. Yes, Pius will reward Zoltan with a bone. Good doggie Zoltan..roll over, bend over. Good boy! JOY!

  4. Good afternoon to all of you in the jungle.
    As I predicted earlier this weekend, we would be subjected to the illogical rantings of the Zoltan, sooner than later.
    I guess it was sooner.
    As always, Zoltan use his communist trained mind, to put the world on its head.
    His latest attack, follows in its latest theory, that local faithful are following our failed Archbishop, and that this site, as well as most of the rebels, are foreigners conspiring to create an anti-catholic movement of sort. Most of all he claims the majority is a minority and vice versa.
    If it was not so pathetic, it would be funny.
    Here you have a foreigner, in more sense than one, that tells the likes of Tim and Senator Klitzkie, both long time resident of this island and totally immersed in its culture, that they are foreigners, while he anoints himself as a local.
    This is the same person, which by the way, considers Chamorros as children, and superstitious. The same person that has now spent years on this island, as the guest of the University of Guam and of the Guam taxpayers; while denigrating the locals and their traditions. The same parasite, that preaches that the only good Chamorros are the Neos. ( a perverted and twisted version of the infamous "the only good indians are the dead indians")

    We now have a new definition of locust.

    Since he has no real argument,that is shouldered by facts, he attacks the messengers. How refreshing!
    Of course never shy of being ridiculous, the responsible of his community, for this sect that has pilfered the Diocese for years, has the audacity to ask Tim: "What are you doing to the Catholic Church?"
    Before accusing Tim of spewing venom during the Holy Week.
    As always, Deny, Deflect and Destroy.

    Neither is he forgetting the Chamorros that disagree with his narrow sectarian way, going on to tell Mr Sabato, that he better get use to opposition since most people disagree with him. Going on to call him "Pal" as if they new each other since high school.
    The delusion at its peak here, since Zoltan represent a tiny minority on island, and that despite his screams, people don't buy in his story.
    So he we are folks, more stupidity in a box from the Zoltan, spewing his hate for any tradition (culture or religious wise)while accusing the people he tries to destroy of being hateful, and foreigners.

    Talking about he Pot calling the Kettle black!!!!
    Not only are the Neos and Zoltan foreign, they are aliens to our religion and to the local culture.

  5. I decided to answer the following separately, since it deserves some clarification.
    Zoltan goes to say:" the bulk of your readers are recruited abroad, in foreign countries. Like Frenchie, whom you apparently recruited from the French Foreign Legion".

    First of all, Zoltan keeps referring to Tim recruiting people. He cannot understand that people come to this site freely, because they want to get informed, or voice their opinion.

    Second, as I stated from the beginning, if anybody "recruited" me in this fight, it was the NCW, when they chose to go after Fr Paul and destroy a man of great courage and integrity, that I have called my friend for nearly 30 years.

    I know it might be difficult for a brainwashed zombie like the Zoltan to understand friendship outside of a "what advantage can I get" mentality, but it is a sad fact, had they not gone and trashed my good friend Fr Paul, and subsequently by good friend Msg James, I would still spend more time playing golf, and going hunting or fishing than denouncing that evil sect.

    But the Lord works in strange way, and it is the persecution of these two good priests that brought me into the fray,and back into a purpose, not Tim or any other person.

    This shows you the narrowness of the thought of a neo mind. Zoltan reared in the communist mindset, surrounded by snitches all around, has transferred to the USA, but has remained in that mentality. The Masonic/ communist mentality, which allowed him to fall willing and ready in the mindset of Pius and Kiko, which is rooted in the Talmudic/Masonic tradition. Nothing happens in a vacuum.

    As for Zoltan attempt at humor, regarding the FFL, again he is missing the point, the Foreign Legion is just that, a unit made for and with foreigners. Which during my service time had a lot of Hungarians... Otherwise I would have been flattered to command legionaires since they have courage and honor. Something that obviously Zoltan is lacking dearly.

    1. I too joined the Jungle when this NCW Cult attacked my good friend Reverend Father Paul and made me even more angry when they also attacked my good friend The Very Reverend Monsignor James.... Had it not been for this unjustified removal these charismatic men of the cloth, this NEO Cult could have continued to ransack the churches with thier illicit activities. So thank you very much to the NEO Cult Leaders in the hill for allowing this revolution to begin....

    2. I am sending in an new adjective for Brained washed. Clueless Zoltan.

  6. Zoey, you are just too much! All I hear from you is blah,blah,blah. Time to relocate. We are winning and you are whining. lol!!

  7. Invasive species: rhino beetle, brown tree snake, fire ants, Neos. I read that Florida is having problems with their invasive species the Burmese Python. I am willing to trade Florida for their invasive species with one of ours. Can you guess which one? Oh btw it's not the beetle, brown tree snake or fire ants. Okay, you can start guessing now. Good choice!

  8. The Archbishop has already proven that he owns the RMS property. So get over it. God won the victory for the Archdiocese of Agana.

    1. LOL. If has proven it, then why does he keep trying to prove it over and over? LOL. A certificate of title means nothing in the world of real estate. Here, I'll prove it to you. Why was the first time the Archbishop applied for a copy of the certificate of title in November of 2015 when he bought the property in 2002? Because the title doesn't mean anything. It does not prove ownership. He is counting on your stupidity and is obviously getting it. LOL.

    2. Anon 9:59, the only thing the Arch has proven is what a great bunch of liars he and his Neo brethren are! Using the Catholic newspaper to convince people of their deceit. Asking a nun to lie! Saying the Rome has approved the way the Neo receives communion. Truth is truth, not how you spin it. Why did Jackie T. say she was not the AA attorney then acts as she is. She lies like the Arch. Lying is one of your precepts isn't it Anon 9:59? Why can't you at least be like Zoltan who uses his real name? Why? Because it's easier to lie when you are anonymous. BTW, where is baby Luis and the investigation. Another lie? The only thing we will get over is when we purge your kind or at least your thinking. BTW, have you ever thought of relocating to Florida?

    3. 9:59 sounds like Pius the Putrid. His words.

    4. Smells like him. A special place in hell.

  9. Dear anon at 11.39, if you were not dumb, deaf and stupid, you could have comprehended a basic 8th grade problem.
    First this site, then attorney Bronze, Senator Klitzkie, lastly the News media, who finally cannot sweep this story under the rug, have all simply explained this issue. It is chocking, but it is not brain surgery.

    Of course there is none more deaf and/or blind, that the person refusing to see and hear.

    Do not lose your time on this site, it requires a minimum of intelligence that you are obviously lacking. I am sure the Diana, would be comforted to get your support, and know that at least she has the support of the mindless zombies, which apparently you like to share bread with.
    So far the only thing the Arch has proven, is that he has let a bunch of people like Pius, Adrian, Terlaje, Zoltan and the Jersey gangsters take over the Catholic Church on Guam.
    He has proven that he is a puppet, and he has proven that he has sold his soul for a few pieces of silver.
    So, no we are not going to get over it!
    As you and these evil wrongdoers would wish we could.
    We are going to continue to fight to give God a real Victory for his Church, not for a bunch of interlopers that pretend to do his work, and continue to use his name in vain.

    Shame on you Anon at 9.59!!