Monday, March 21, 2016


Zoltán Székely ·
Tim Rohr, very few on Guam read your anti-Catholic hate blog full of innuendo and childish behavior. The bulk of your readers are actually recruited from abroad, in foreign countries. Like frenchie, alias no-name Augustus Francus whom you apparently borrowed from the French Foreign Legion. Lol.

You mounted Mr. Klitzlie on a a lame horse. My Chamorro sisters and brothers in the communities are looking at you with amazement. What are you doing for the Catholic Church of Guam? All you can do on the Holy Week is pumping yet another dosage of your own concocted poisonous venom into the public domain.

People need to pray for you and for those whom you deliberately mislead so that you may all hear and heed the wake-up call for sanity proclamed to everybody at the great holiday of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
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Zoltán Székely ·
Danny Sabato, you are shrieking with horror just because someone is countering your one-sided view. Lol. You'd be better to get accustomed to it, pal, that most people differ in opinion from yours.
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Tim Rohr ·
Zoltán Székely Did you say you were a Math professor at our tax payer funded University of Guam? Thanks for the warning. We'll be sure to have our children avoid your class, and will pass a special note to President Robert Underwood. I'm sure he'll want to know that he's paying the salary of a dunce since as per the flag counter posted on my site, 64% of the now 4.3 Million page views in just over 2 years are from Guam. Hoping Mr. Underwood will hire more qualified teachers in the future.
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By the way, Zoltan, you apparently are a hit with my readers. I posted this post at 2:pm and at 2:27 when I added the above pic, your post already had 600 views. Dang, you're good. LOL. Courage. 

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