Thursday, March 24, 2016


Tell Tony, David, and Adrian to pack their bags....and stuff Pius in one. Bye.

OUR VIEW: Land agency fixes must go through Superior Court

The Department of Land Management needs to follow the proper procedures when it handles land records, and Gov. Eddie Calvo must ensure the agency does so.
Last week, the agency corrected an error on the record of the former Accion Hotel, which is now the Redemptoris Mater Archdiocesan Missionary Seminary of Guam. But it did so without going through the Superior Court of Guam, which is required.

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Note: For those abroad who don't know what this is about. Our archbishop, a member of the neocatechumenal way, in 2011, secretly conveyed title to a mega-million dollar property to the Redemptoris Mater Seminary, which, according to its corporate documents is 100% controlled by members of the neocatechumenal way, and 75% controlled by Giuseppe and Claudia Gennarini and Angelo Poschetti, the responsible team for the neocatechumenal way for the United States. When this was discovered in 2015, Apuron and his cronies spent massive amounts of time and money trying to prove that he did not convey the title including obtaining and publishing a false certificate of title, and when outed, worked with our Department of Land Management behind the scenes to obtain three more, all of which are false, publishing the latest false certificate, after circumventing the law, this past Palm Sunday. This is the Kiko Arguello's Neocatechumenal Way on display for the world to see. 


  1. Yup read this at midnight and I'm praying it'll go to court so we can finally end this issue and the neonuts can finally face the truth. Lol

  2. And if I recall correctly the Board of Guarantors is totally fixed so that they never lose control of the asset the Archbishop gave away to them. Aside from the three New Jersey thieves, the fourth member is not the Archbishop of Guam. It is Anthony Sablan Apuron individually. So even when Rome finally says Basta! (enough is enough), Apuron will still sit on this perpetual board.Our new bishop will have no say in the affairs of this seminary property.
    Very slick and very unethical. But it is what we have seen time and time again.
    That is why the world looks on in horror at what the Neocatechumenal Way is capable of.

  3. And People thought you were wrong all along Tim! Looks like you were right. Wow good job to you and Senator Bob K. For standing up for the rest of us Catholics and clergy.

    1. Thanks, and I probably speak for Bob when I say, we will not consider anything a "good job" until Catholics and clergy stand up for themselves. Otherwise, the Church is just a sitting duck for the next set of scoundrels, and they are already salivating at the door.

  4. Yes, Tim, I agree that we have to look beyond this particular issue in order to ensure that no scoundrel (church leadership or not) ever attempts to plunder the coffers of the Church or undermines the trust of the Faithful. As we have seen, even an archbishop or a parish employee can succumb to greed by helping themselves to money that is not theirs. The legal outcome of the Yona property in question will be a litmus test whether locally elected officials uphold the law they have sworn by to abide. The resolution of this case will reveal the devious attempts of certain people to defraud, and will edify people to once again trust the rule of law. Any quibbling on the part of our local law enforcing agencies will be viewed as suspect and will give the electorate pause whether to entrust these officials ever again. A single vote on this island is precious, and will matter to a people tired of shenanigans who underestimate the will and resolve of people to get justice and clarity.