Thursday, March 24, 2016


Dear Robert,

You got a deal - which I shall detail in full. But first a little help for those who can't figure out what you are trying to say:
  • Archdiasies = Archdiocese
  • caviate = caveat
Now to business.

First, thank you for confirming what the Archbishop continues to deny: "The Archbishop transferred the property..."

It really is comical. Apuron, David, Cristobal, and Jacque are all out there running around spending gobs of time and money trying to prove the Archbishop still owns the property. And meanwhile, you, The Diana, Pius the Putrid, the Zoltan, and all the kikocats are all shouting what you are shouting: that "The Archbishop transferred the property..." 

We'll get to the reason he transferred the property that you state in a minute. But let's begin with this. YOU, Robert John, state publicly for all to see, exactly what the man you are trying to defend is desperate to deny: that he, Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron, "transferred the property.

So thanks for backing up my claim, which is not only echoed by the CCOG, the Laity Forward Movement, etc., and of course proven in a 40 plus page Legal Opinion, and further demonstrated by Mr. Klitzie, but is now publicly echoed by you - though your "echo" of course is simply that of Pius and the Kikos. But anyway, welcome to our side

Now, let's get to the second part of your claim: "to prevent its sale.

This is the lie that Pius started when we discovered the 2011 document conveying title to RMS. Pius isn't as stupid as Apuron, David and Adrian. He didn't deny it. He immediately gave a reason for it. It was a lie, but then that's Pius. His life is a lie, which is why he has found a home in the neocatechumenal way, but we'll deal with that another time. 

But let's accept Pius' lie on its face. In fact, it's actually partly true. In fact, the partly true part is even more fascinating and clandestinely evil than the lie part. Let's deal with the lie part first. 

The "lie" part

Pius wanted kiko-ites like yourself to believe that Richard Untalan and Msgr. James wanted to sell the property. The problem is they had no authority to do so. Had they tried, they would have been easily caught and thrown in jail. But Pius relied on your ignorance to get you to think that. He relies on ignorance a lot, you know. But we'll deal with that another time. 

Mr. Untalan and Msgr. James had no authority to sell the property because they are not the owners. There is only one owner, and it is not really the Archbishop, it is Archbishop, Inc. Let me explain. 

There is a legal construct used almost exclusively by hierarchical churches like ours called a corporate or corporation sole. Unlike many non-Catholic churches which are non-profit organizations run by boards who hire and fire their pastors, the Catholic Church is run by bishops who are themselves appointed by bishops. Thus, the bishop, or more precisely, his office, is the legal entity, which under civil law, can own property. 

Thus, our local church, under Guam law is a "corporation sole" - a legal entity consisting of a single ("sole") incorporated office, occupied by a single ("sole") natural person.

Here's a fuller definition:

  • Public office...or ecclesiastical office (usually the owner of church land) that has a separate and continuing legal existence, and only one member (the sole officeholder). Contract made with a corporation-sole continues from one officeholder to his or her successor or, if made during a vacancy in office, to the appointee.

Now, the full legal name for this corporation sole is Archbishop of Agana, A Corporation Sole, Anthony S. Apuron, Incumbent.

Unlike regular corporations, a corporation sole has NO Board of Directors that can act independently of its incorporator(s).  Only the Incumbent occupant of the office "Archbishop of Agana" can sell, transfer, convey, grant property registered to the Archbishop of Agana, because ONLY the Archbishop of Agana is the Owner. 

This means that no finance council, no priest, no real estate group, no anybody could have ever sold or given away that property, ONLY the Archbishop of Agana. Got it? Good. Let's go on. 

Oh, one other thing. The fact that the Archbishop of Agana has transferred the property to a new owner, RMS, (remember, this is your claim too), ironically, the property is now in danger of being sold and the Archbishop of Agana can do nothing about it. 

Corporate structure of RMS

This is because RMS, under Guam law, is a separate legal entity (or juridic person in "church speak"). It is a corporation with a board of directors, authorized by Guam law to act independently of its incorporator, which is the Archbishop. 

The most the Archbishop can do as the sole incorporator or member, is replace members of the board. But per its by-laws, replacing members of the board is a process which takes noticing and a minimum number of days, days during which any current board could authorize the sale of the property. The Archbishop is also a member of the board. But despite his being its chairman, he is only one vote of however many directors there happen to be. (Currently there are five.)

By the way, there is also a clandestinely inserted second board, a Board of Guarantors, which truly controls RMS and makes the board of directors irrelevant. It's an illegal board. But apparently it slipped by the licensing people at Rev and Tax and thus remains quasi legal until its existence is challenged in court. And it will be. But we'll get to that another time. 

The "true" part

Okay, so we have established that Pius got you to believe the lie that the property was transferred to prevent its sale by the "evil" finance council. But here's what Pius was really referring to. And here's where the pure evil of those who run the Neocatechumenal Way is made manifest.

Recall that the owner of real property is the current Incumbent of the office of the Archbishop of Agana. Anthony S. Apuron is only the Incumbent, and, due to new rule requiring bishops to submit their resignations at age 75, he is not going to be the Incumbent for very much longer. 

The Gennarini's and their cadre of neocat lawyers cleverly planned for this by quietly inserting the clandestinely created and empowered Board of Guarantors into the corporate docs of RMS. It's creation did not get past Ed Terlaje, then the legal counsel for the Archbishop. According to one person who was at the meeting about this, Mr. Terlaje protested but he was shouted down, in the Archbishop's presence, by Giuseppe Gennarini. 

It is particularly pathetic to note that Mr. Terlaje had given decades of his service to the Archbishop, probably mostly pro bono, and was not only abandoned by Apuron, but Apuron permitted his "friend" of three decades to be verbally assaulted, humiliated, and abused by Giuseppe Gennarini. Let that be a lesson to anyone who thinks they are a "friend" of Anthony S. Apuron. 

Officially, the RMS incorporation docs give complete authority over RMS to the Board of Guarantors. And the Board of Guarantors must always include the "neocatechumenal responsible team for the United States." Currently this is Giuseppe Gennarini, his wife, Claudia Gennarini, the Kiko-priest, Angelo Poschetti (all residents of New Jersey) and one Anthony S. Apuron, personally, NOT the office of the Archbishop of Agana. 

For a full explanation of the powers of this unelected, un-removable, and unaccountable board, read the Legal Opinion of Attorney Jacques Bronze

Are you following so far, Robert? I hope so. Now, let's get back to why Pius REALLY said "to prevent its sale." 

The "next" bishop

Pius knew that neither the finance council nor anyone else could ever sell that property. But there is one person besides Apuron who COULD sell it. Are you ready for this, Robert? THE NEXT BISHOP. 

Remember now, the Archbishop of Agana is an office, and the owner of Archdiocesan property is whoever is the Incumbent. The Gennarini's wanted "insurance" that their power and money grabbing syndicate masquerading as a religious movement would continue after Apuron. Thus, they had Apuron secretly deed the property to RMS - which they controlled - so that, should the next bishop not be friendly to the NCW, they could use their ownership of the property as leverage against him. 

This is why the deed was not called a deed, but just a "Declaration of Deed Restriction." And like the pathetically "trained" (her words) lawyer, Jacqueline T. Terlaje personally opined, one was not supposed to look past the name of the document. LOL. Of course she did not want anyone to look past the name. That was the Gennarini's intent.

The name of the document was designed specifically to mislead the reader from the outset. Because once one looked past the apparently benign name of the document, one encounters legal language which recognizes RMS as 1) a corporation separate from the Archdiocese of Agana, 2) a "See", a church jurisdiction separate from the Archdiocese of Agana, and 3) the words "sell, transfer, and convey" which moved title to the property from the Office of the Archbishop of Agana to RMS and to the control of the Gennarini's. 

We weren't supposed to find the document

The problem was, that we weren't supposed to find the document. It was cleverly hidden by its clever name. Thus Land Management did not treat it as a conveyance, permitting the title holder to remain Archbishop Apuron in name. The document was designed to be produced upon the ascendancy of the next bishop who was not the planned for David or The Adrian, or not friendly to the kiko's. A sort of "Surprise!"

But the surprise was on them. Apuron's hostilities towards Fr. Paul and Msgr. James led to my digging. Something just smelled bad about the whole deal. And well, what do you know. There it was. Fr. Paul and Msgr. James were gotten rid of to make room for either David or Adrian as Apuron's successors, but just in case, the Gennarini's held title to the Archdiocese's most valuable piece of property as insurance against the next bishop. 

So you see, Robert. You are absolutely right. Archbishop Apuron DID "transfer the property to prevent it from being sold," from being sold by his successor who might happen to believe that the neocats did not need a SEVENTY MILLION DOLLAR seaside palace to themselves. 

It gets "better!"

But now we get to the really good part. Why do the neocats need a SEVENTY MILLION DOLLAR seaside palace even NOW? 

They don't. A much more efficient seminary in more humble surroundings could easily be constructed, fitted, and staffed at a fraction of that amount: a true seminary with real professors, permanent professors, real degrees, real priests - all of that could be possible for a fraction of not only what the Yona property is worth, but with the balance an endowment could have been set up for years to come to take care of all of its needs instead of having to rely on the Archbishop's annual fleecing of the poor Catholics of the Archdiocese of Agana. 

The Gennarini's knew that, but they did not want a seminary. They wanted the property. And they got it. And even more cleverly, they constructed the language of the Declaration to not only give them the property but give them the ability to do anything they want with it. 

You see, the language of the Declaration only declared that the property is for the perpetual use of a corporation currently named Redemptoris Mater Seminary. It does not state "for perpetual use as a seminary." Legally, the name of the corporation implies no specific task. And as an independent corporation it can change its name anytime it wants to. 

And while you sit and salivate over the warped idea inserted into your head by Pius the Yellow Tooth that I or someone else is after a sales commission (LOL), plans are already being made by your side to convert the property back into a hotel to create millions of dollars in revenue for its new owners. 

Now, there is one more thing, Robert, one more thing. The Gennarini's chose to act in 2011. Think about it. Apuron did not have to retire for another ten years. What was the rush in 2011? Apuron's story was that he was having heart health issues. But the real reason was another issue. And I have a signed affidavit from someone who knows the really ugly underbelly of all of this. And it is many times SICKER than anything anyone has yet seen on this blog. 

Apuron knows what it is. So does David. So does Adrian. But I'm going to let the story break on its own first...or maybe not. I'll see. People can only handle so much trash, and I've exposed enough this time around. 

So to your proposal. Well, according to today's editorial in the PDN and yesterday's promise by the Attorney General to "follow up" on this, it looks like it is going to happen. But don't expect Apuron to appear in court. He'll be long gone. Why not help him pack?


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