Wednesday, March 23, 2016


... we know you've been busy lately sending out fake press releases, procuring false certificates of title, getting Title Guaranty and Bertha Evangelista into trouble, and "working something out" with Assistant Attorney General Kristan Finney in order to keep the Declaration from going to court...

....but would you mind cutting the grass? 

We know you neos believe in letting the "dead bury the dead" but in Agat, it looks like the grass is burying the dead.


  1. What a sad injustice for those who have paid for their burial plots. It's a shame to even think and see that this is what'll happen after we are long gone and buried in the Catholic cemetery here I Guam. Sad. Just sad.

  2. Desecration of holy ground. Great lack of respect " new administration". But the Archbishop is going. He doesn't care. Bye.

  3. aren't your comments grounds for a lawsuit (defamation of character)? Unless, what you say is the truth, or there is no character to defame to begin with. Just someone who is a well-trained...

  4. Tut although the seminary didn't pay anything for the property tony gave to them, the cemetery collected money for their perpetual obligation to the dead. Maybe Jackie knows a real attorney who can advise her of the risk of not abiding by their legal obligation.

  5. Pretty hilarious. All these neo-kiko nut jobs scurrying like scared rats. They run around with their kiko designed shovels, trying to cover up all their dirty secrets, lies, and crimes. Mindlessly, they use the kiko shovels to throw dirt on their sins but just can’t seem to hide them from the prying eyes of real Catholics, who have grown sick of the kiko division and antics.
    These brainless morons scurry about, but don’t realize that the dirt they dig out to cover up their fiascos, are also forming nice little holes which will eventually become their final resting places. The more they trying to cover up, the more they succeed in digging their own graves.
    At least they are succeeding in this one area. RIP kikos…dig a little faster please.