Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Oversight hearing being planned to tackle Yona property

In light of issues surrounding a certificate of title for a multimillion dollar property in Yona, an oversight hearing is being planned by the Guam Legislature to not only address the matter, but look into all the land titles within the Department of Land Management.

"First of all," said Senator Tom Ada, "land is a very important asset to anyone especially here on an island where land is a very limited commodity."  And down in Yona, at least one piece of property has been the focus of attention for the past year. Most recently, former senator Robert Klitzkie raised issue over a "bogus" certificate of title for the mega-million dollar former Accion Hotel property, now known as the Redemptoris Mater Seminary.

Senator Ada, the Committee on Land oversight chairman, says he is aware of the concern, adding, "First of all, on the particular issue of the seminary, I have not intervened on the matter because I believe Senator Klitzkie has done an excellent job in doing his research and he has brought it to the attention of the appropriate parties - the Department of Land Management and the Attorney General's Office. And I think from those meetings, it has been acknowledged as to what actions are needed to be taken to rectify the concerns that have been raised by Senator Klitzkie."

Department of Land Management director Michael Borja has acknowledged an error in the title has been corrected, however, Klitzkie believes it was not done properly. "I do have my concerns in view of the fact that in the beginning it was acknowledged that when an error like this occurs it has to be rectified, formally rectified in the court system and that has not taken place," he shared. "In fact, it was an in-office sort of correction and that does cause me some concern, because if the law, as Senator Klitzkie states requires you take this to the court system to make the corrections, that's probably where we should have done the corrections."

And while he hasn't intervened, Ada says he instead will be conducting an oversight hearing not just to address this particular issue but all land titles within DLM. "Because if this has occurred, what assurance will we have that this won't occur again, and to get a better understanding for the committee for how to do we rectify when situations like this come up and what is the process," he said.

Director Borja says a draft was prepared but was never submitted, executed or filed in court because both DLM and the Archbishop of Agana Corporation Sole were able to meet and correct the error together. The AG's Office had no comment on the matter.

As for the oversight, no date has been at this time.


  1. Look, Father Pius. Look, Jackie. See sad Tony. Sad, sad Tony. Oh no. Oh, oh, oh.

    Look and see Genarinnis. Look and see. Look and see what Bob has done. Oh, look. Look and see. Look and see who jumped in. Go, Bob go. Go Tom go. Go, go, go.

  2. Let's see how well Jackie's dog training paid off. Lol

  3. Looking forward to the oversight hearing!

  4. The move by Sen. Ada to hold a public hearing will bring both sides of the issue to the forefront and the public will have the opportunity to see who has told the truth from the beginning and who have been consciously been deceiving the public. Thank you Sen. Ada.

  5. It would be great if Sen Ada invites the members of the RMS Board to the hearing so that they can testify on the ownership of the Seminary. The Archbishop has denied that he has transferred the ownership, this would be a perfect opportunity to defend his position. Since the issue is of a civil matter, I think his attendance would be crucial. Sen Ada please invite the Board of RMS so we can hear directly from them who really owns the property. This is a perfect situation to zero in on WHO OWNS THE PROPERTY ON WHICH THE RMS Seminary sits?

  6. Let's see if senator Ada will put some teeth behind his bark. This should be a full-blown hearing and let the chips fall where they may.
    Senator Tom Ada, thank you for looking into this.

  7. I'm glad that Senator Ada will be conducting a public hearing. Good on you, senator. I hate to be a pessimist but this may be one of those "too little, too late" reactions from our leaders. None of our leaders wanted to touch these matters until former Senator Robert Klitzkie got involved and did the legal groundwork for them. I understand that they don't want to tread on religion and land ownership, staying with legislating public policies, but that never stopped them before when one of their friends, relatives, or constituents needed help. I hope I'm wrong, but this may just be another smokescreen to protect the NeoCats and the Archbishop, who are surely running scared and probably calling in all their favors. I am anticipating that only the director of DLM and his people will show up for the hearing. I seriously doubt if anyone from the AG's office, RMS, or the chancery will make their appearance. Let the dog-and-pony-show begin. I sincerely wish you good luck, Senator Ada. At least you were brave enough to try something.

    1. I wonder who among the senators will give senator Ada their full support. If any member of the legislature puts up roadblocks it may be that he/she may not want something uncovered at DLM.

    2. In light of the recent corruption reporting . . . a few things to contemplate: Is it possible to research if there exists similar Deed Restrictions on other properties that are beneficial to the Jersey gang; property transfers as well?

      When property is taken during the 2nd scrutiny, does it get transferred to the Archdiocese or is/are there individual/s as the beneficiary?

      What percentage of these 2nd scrutiny grabbed "goods" go to the Archbishop? What/whose account does the 2nd scrutiny acquisitions get deposited into? And who is in possession of that (those) ledger(s)?

      The transfers should be investigated as well, to satisfy that there is not a property laundering scheme happening under the Department of Revenue and Tax's radar. If the NCW has been able to influence the DLM in their favor sans legal procedure, has the DRT been compromised as well?

      Does the media have the fortitude to pursue these valid inquiries?

    3. Probably not the media, but anyone can do what Klitzkie is doing: research. All land docs are public records.

    4. I applaud Senator Tom Ada for his foresight in wanting to hold a public hearing to look into the present “drama” (my description) that is being played out at the Department of Land Management, as well as to look into possibly other akin incidences involving land transactions that may affect the lives of many.
      We [I believe I speak on behalf of many] have been very careful not to involve our government officials (Catholics though most may be) in this "holy war" we are having between us faithful Catholics against the Archbishop and his Neo cohorts - out of respect for their positions and civic duties, and out of respect for the "separation of church and state” principle. We'll continue to fight our own religious battle without their civic involvement.
      But when it comes to matters such as a government entity (DLM) issuing erroneous [bogus] certificates of titles; apparent complicity with the Chancery ("we'll have to check with Jackie first"); failure to comply timely with the Attorney General’s proposed solution to correct the errors via the court system as required by Guam law; making the correction 3 months later, apparently only after consultation with the Chancery, and circumventing the court process at that (administrative correction only); implying that the Attorney General was the root cause for the delay (deflecting responsibility to another agency) – all in an apparent move to avoid being on the wrong side of church officials (the archbishop, the Chancery, its operatives) -- then we have to call "FOUL". The whole “drama” is an apparent “coverup”. (That’s what I call it because I can find no more appropriate word to describe it than that!) It seems the facts all speak for themselves!

      That said, I welcome Senator Ada’s proposal to look into this problem at DLM. I trust that the hearing will be fair, and I trust that our civic leaders will do all to defend the "laws of Guam and the laws of the United States applicable to Guam". That is what every elected or appointed GovGuam official promised under oath upon assuming their respective responsibilities. Let truth and justice prevail. (JRSA: 3/30/16)