Wednesday, March 23, 2016


This morning on K57, Patti Arroyo asked Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson the following: 

"Here’s the other point that I wanted to bring up about former Senator Bob Klitzkie’s efforts with the Department of Land Management and his dissatisfaction with their correcting an error - a self-admitted error - that he believes should have gone through the court system and your office has said may not necessarily be so?"

The Attorney General replied:

"There is a process legally to go to court to correct a certificate of title and that’s usually where there might be a dispute as to the correction. My understanding, and I hope I am correct, is that the Department recognized the error and made the administrative correction. I’m not certain exactly what remaining issue Mr. Klitzkie has, but if we can avoid going to court and we can resolve things administratively that certainly always is the remedy. So I think I’m going to have to just follow up today and find out did the correction, the administrative correction, resolve everything, because it sounds from Bob that it hasn’t been resolved, but I need to check on that."

The Attorney General gives us A LOT here to comment on. However, in the spirit of Holy Week, Mr. Klitzkie informs us that he will leave it till Monday. 


  1. To say you would need to look into the matter further is incredulous Liz. You should already know the issues at hand and its implications. I believe you have become complicit in this property fiasco more than you let on.

  2. Other than raising funds to take the issue to court (a daunting task to say the least), are there any impediments to overcome before CCOG can move forward?

  3. We all need to relax and have fun. See u at the Casino!!

    DianaMarch 23, 2016 at 9:41 AM
    Dear Anonymous at 8:44 am,

    Your comment already shows that you do not want the property to be a seminary; therefore, the only good you can get out of it is either to sell it or turn it into a business venture (such as a casino maybe).

  4. The certificate of title is still bogus because it doesn't reflect the proper owner. The deed says "to sell, convey, transfer, grant and deed."
    Seems clear to anyone with a brain that the Archbishop gave away our crown jewel, and is trying so very hard to hide his actions. And in so doing he has dragged many into his own personal hell. This includes Andrew Santos, Michael Borja, Bertha Evangelista, Christy Finney, and maybe even the AG. Somebody needs to be held accountable for this illegal effort to produce forged and false legal documents.
    And the Vicar General knowingly has been complicit with the Archbishop since 2011, and he has been central in pushing for the fake certificate of titles, and knowingly published a fake document with the intent to mislead the public.
    Our church is messed up, and I hope all these crooks go to jail.