Thursday, March 31, 2016


Since the Kiko's are accusing me of wanting to turn RMS into a casino (LOL - the guys there have already proven to be a gamble if not a bad "bet"), we might as well take bets on which way Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson is going to swing: 1) with Jackie Terlaje and the Kikos or 2) with what the law actually requires and she herself has already prescribed. 

Of course, should Barrett-Anderson swing with the Kikos it won't be pictured as that. Rather Barrett-Anderson will make some milquetoast statement about her "office" this and her "office" that. She may not even mention Kristan Finney's name. 

However, the effect would be the same. In Kristan Finney's own words, she said she had to meet "with Jackie" and "work something out." And there is NO DOUBT who "Jackie" is. 

Wow! How many of you would like to have someone who could get inside the Attorney General's "office" and "work something out" when it comes to the issues regarding land titles - of which there are many?

Here's the real deal:

If Barrett-Anderson swings with the Kiko's, er, I mean supports her employee's decision to ignore the law, then Barrett-Anderson must open the door for absolutely everyone who has an issue with a land title and who wants to "work something out" behind the scenes instead of going to court as the law prescribes.

Sadly, my bet is on the Kiko's. I have seen them ROT OUT everyone from the Archbishop, straight through the church, and now into the highest halls of government power, and that's only locally. Internationally they have set up a massive multi-national, multi-billion dollar, money laundering, land grabbing, power usurping mega-syndicate under the benevolent auspices of an authorized Catholic Church movement with many bishops and cardinals in tow. 

Their sweep is massive and their "successes" can only be explained by an understanding of how real evil works. Sadly, it is working here. And we are watching only the beginning of the rotting out of our government after having watchED the same canedr rot out the church. I will be surprised if Barrett-Anderson is immune.

In case you don't know, the above picture is of the Kikos' headquarters. A massive, mega-million dollar installation on a hill overlooking the Sea of Galilee and to which, Kiko, the founder, provides all expenses paid, pampered vacations to the power brokers of several religions. Apuron is a frequent guest. Maybe Borja and Barrett-Anderson's tickets are already in the mail. 

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