Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Archdiocese seeks to dispel "lies"
Posted: Apr 12, 2016 1:20 PMUpdated: Apr 12, 2016 3:32 PM
Fr. Edivaldo da Silva and Father Adrian Cristobal spoke before island Rotarians this afternoon about the history of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Yona.  The property has been at the center of controversy for several months as many have questioned whether the property still belongs to the Archdiocese of Agana.   Former Sen. Bob Klitzkie discovered an error on the certificate title for the seminary property.
The Department of Land Management worked with the Archdiocese to correct the error.  Sen. Klitzkie however believes the matter should have been resolved through the judicial process rather than administratively.   Attorney Jackie Terlaje also appeared before Rotarians saying they want to dispel the lies. She says they can reassure the public the seminary property is owned by the Archdiocese, and they have the legal documents proving it. 

Once, again, if the Archdiocese has documents that would put all this to rest, then the Archbishop and those who have conspired with him (JACKIE) to withhold those documents are not only morally culpable for the mortal sin of scandal, but by their actions  - withholding proof when they had it in hand - they are seriously guilty of allowing the division in this Archdiocese to foment to a degree that has caused much harm to souls. 

We have heard ad nauseum about how they have the opinion from Lewis Roca Rothgerber, the opinion from the Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legislative Texts, and the title report from Pacific American Title.

But NONE of these were ever published.

You have a website, Archbishop, PUBLISH them!

And shame on Jackie, the trained lawyer. She knows that:
  1. Lewis Roca Rothgerber is not licensed to practice law in Guam
  2. The Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legislative Texts has no jurisdiction over Guam law
  3. A title report only shows the instruments recorded at Land Management which impact title to real property but does NOT interpret the effect of those instruments. 

And as for the Certificate of Title that they NOW have, after 3 tries to get it right (we're not done with you Jackie on that one yet), not even your fellow Kikos are backing you up since they (and Pius) are claiming that Archie had to transfer title to protect it from that mean finance council. 

In other words, all of the documents they say they have MEAN NOTHING. And they know this, especially Jackie, which is why they have NOT published them.

(Actually he had to protect it for another reason, right Archie? We know what that is, right Archie? Jack Niland may be dead, but the others aren't, right Archie?)

But beyond Jackie's sham, I see we have succeed in drawing Adrian the Joker out of the closet where he has been hiding, probably at Pius the Putrid's instructions. They're trying to clean him up for Apuron's successor, don't you know. LOL. 

And now that we have him in the news, we have something public to dismantle him with for all the world to see. We shall see who is the LIAR, Adrian, won't we. Courage.

And as for the Juice. LOL. Were his lips orange?

BTW, I'm still shaking my head how you fake priests thought you could fool the Rotarians. My bet is most of them are business people and know how to read a Legal Opinion and what the words "transferred, sold, and conveyed " mean."

So we post both of those documents here for them to see for themselves and decide who are the LIARS. 
  1. Declaration of Deed Restriction
  2. Legal Opinion regarding Real Property Conveyand and Corporate Governance relating to The Redemptoris Mater House of Formation; a Guam Non-Profit Corporation - written by Attorney Jacques G. Bronze


  1. TRUTH is on our side. What Adrian and his motley Neo crew fail to understand is that TRUTH cannot be dispelled. They can't say the same for their pack of LIES. As you pointed out Tim, the Rotarians are mostly business people know how to read Legal Opinion. Those Neo dummies sure know how to pick an audience to plead their case. NOT! LOL LOL LOL!!!

  2. As I said earlier, in another post, it appears, as if Pius, has dropped all pretense about the Archbishop being in charge, and has unilaterally taken steps for an all out media campaign.

    Invitation of Cardinal Cordes at the Seminary.
    Invitation of the head of Manilla RMS to St Anthony.

    Newly floated explanations by the Diana on the deed of restriction.
    Intervention at the Rotary Club, of the Joker and the Jacke, with the Juice as intimidator, basically mirroring what the Diana has been harping about.

    Soon to come another guest column from the Zoltan in the PDN?

    This is an all out campaign to regain the upper ground by Pius.
    They feel under siege, and rightly so. Ergo, they are putting out all the stops, for a last ditch effort to keep control of the Archdiocese.
    They have everything to lose, that is why you see this flurry of activity, while the Archbishop is taking care of his "bad health".

    At the same time, the Putrid is sending all his minions around, to make sure the non neo clerics, sisters and brothers, stay in line.
    They hope, and they are pushing hard in Rome, for their candidate to replace Brother Anthony.
    Keep your eyes and your ears wide open, because they are at it again.
    They think the worse is behind them, and they can deflect one more time.....
    The shadow knows.

  3. So it's official, Jackie is the attorney for the Diocese? When was that Decree announced? I didn't see it in the Umatuna. Seems like they wasted front page stuff, for that Divine Mercy story. Still waiting. Lucky she's trained, otherwise she might be working for free!

  4. Frenchie you have no substance. Jump off the cliff already.

    1. LOL. The A Drain speaks.

    2. Nope is not Adrian. Your past nemesis Tim.

    3. I love it. Nothing better to do with your life than to waste it on my blog. LOL. Gotta luv it. The things I can make losers do! Joy!

    4. No Tim your the loser, your leading God's flock to hell including yourself... Blood and tears of these people will be on your shoulder son..

    5. LOL. From a coward who can't even say his name! Courage. Go ahead. Comment some more. Let me see how much more of your life I can waste!!!!

    6. Funny guy, anon at 5.48. I see you guys learned a new word this week: Substance.
      Did you thank your evil master for widening your vocabulary?
      Glad to know, somebody is getting under your thin skin.

      As far as substance, dear anon, I probably have more in my little pinky, that you could dream ever having in your lifetime.
      Keep on dreaming about cliffs....Oh! and watch out where you step....LOL

      PS: it is: you are, or if you contract: you're. Not Your....
      it is not rocket science you know. Ah! but perhaps the Putrid has not taught you that trick yet. You need to get to the next level?
      Have a nice evening.

    7. John C. Ada Toves TYPHOONApril 12, 2016 at 8:56 PM

      Anonymous 5:48 says Frenchie has no substance. Oxymoronic. What possesses you to strike a key against a man of great substance. You sit and stew, and this is your best? Sit and stew some more and please do not bore me again.

  5. So that's Jackie the trained attorney on kuam. What a joke. She continues to lie. Lol

  6. So the three "mouse"keeters talked, but did anybody listen? Or, more importantly, did anyone believe?

    And why does the archdiocese need a "non-representative" such as the trainee
    in laws, but expert in lies, named Jackie Taitano Terlaje to represent it? No one else more qualified? Well, I agree Jackie Taitano Terlaje is one of the most qualified Liars the Archdiocese has!

    1. Anon 6:27 probe it that Jackie T is a liar. Tell us?

    2. We had the three stooges on the hill.
      Now we have the three J: Joker, Jacke, and Juice.

      The fascination with the Trinity, symbolism, I guess.

      Well, what a nice trio of winners.


  7. Where is Fr Blockley?
    Anyone know where he is?
    He quiet.