Saturday, April 23, 2016


I know that you are behind the comments aiming at the Capuchins. I know it because I know you hate them. No surprise. You hate anybody who is liked more than you...which means everybody...except maybe Apuron and David. 

No worries, I intend to publish them in a post all their own. And you will be sorry you sent them. Really, though, Adrian, you do need an advisor, someone besides the Trained Lawyer. The stuff you give us to beat you with is just too funny. 

Be sure to check back soon. Bye.

Oh, and here's a P.S. from your old friend who has the funniest pictures ever:


A battered wife needs to decide that she will not be hit even just one more time.  Our Beloved Church needs you to do what is right.

Chase these visitors back home.

Keep the pressure on till the Archbishop finally resigns.

Do what you must to keep Adrian and David from being considered as a replacement.


They've done far too much damage to our island's Church.

A friend's comment opened my eyes.  His name is Tim.  The Neo's only filled the vacuum which existed.  We will need to start looking at this vacuum.  Do we understand our faith?  Do we love and forgive one and other?  Do we teach our children about their faith.?  Do we set the example?  Do we dress up but not listen every Sunday.?

We need to spend much time reflecting on this.  But at the moment, IT IS TIME TO STOP BEING POLITE.  Chase these Neo's off our island!

John Charles Ada Toves  TYPHOON


  1. Very true about reflecting on how Guam's Catholics live out their lives in accordance with the teachings of the Church. Something is very wrong when the majority of Guam's population are baptized Catholics yet church attendance is poor, our crime rate, abortion rate, and other social ills are evident. I can remember a time when, under the leadership of archbishop Felixberto Flores, our Guam Catholic community was tightly knit and our divorce rate and number of abortions was very low. Enter Apuron and things started going downhill. Here we are now having to deal with a FAILED, TREACHEROUS, and UNFAITHFUL shepherd. SHAME ON YOU Tony Apuron!!

  2. Thank you for not calling him Archbishop. He gave up that title long ago when he decided to follow Kiko Arguello t=rather than the Holy Father and Holy Mother Church. I have only referred to him as tony because he is no longer my bishop, but kikos bitch.

    Soon the world will no longer refer to him as Archbishop, not even Rome, and not even kikos. Once his staff is stripped from him he will be useless to the kiko cause and will quickly be thrown under the bus. And it sounds like when the truth is revealed, he will be despised by the world.

    A more fitting end I could not have dreamed of. Adios tony "Benedict Arnold" apuron. You are a little man deserving only of little letters.

    1. You really dont sound like a CATHOLIC Janet B - Mangilao.

      And to the anonymous..... You have to come out of that little island and see what's happening in the world , people loosing faith . that's also the in Gods plan but at the same time we can see all the martyrs in the Isis controlled territories, thanks be to God for their witness.

    2. shame on you if you don't approve my previous comment. GRACIAS

    3. LOL. He says shame on you. Threatens me. Then says thank you. Another judgmental outsider. LOL

  3. Hola Jesus!
    ?Que pasa hombre? Diarrhea de la Boca?

    Por favor nino, callate. Somos seriosos aqui.

    La Paz del Senor