Saturday, April 23, 2016


Over the years, they've staged peaceful protests in front of the cathedral in Hagatna, but last night Frustrated Catholics turned up the volume to ensure their message to the head of the US Neocathemunal Way and the head of the local Catholic church was heard.
If you grew up Catholic in Guam these hymns may sound familiar. That is, until you get to the chorus of discontent.  "You're not a Catholic , you're no Catholic, you're not a Catholic," they chanted. "Golddiggers, golddiggers, golddiggers that's why you're on Guam because of our good nature go home. You don't belong on Guam you're a fake priest," also rang out. "We're starting to get mad we'll show you what we are," they also said.
Airport Police were on standby as dozens of Catholics old and young waited to greet the head of the nation's Neocathemunal Way. Joe San Agustin said, "We're basically here to take exception to the fact that  Guiseppi Gennarini is coming with his wife and they're supposedly are the head honcho for the New Cathemunal Way which we are awfully opposed."
Gennerri is believed to be one of the new owners of the Redempotris Mater Seminary. Questions of the ownership of the RMS along with the removal of Father Paul Gofigan from the Santa Barbara Church, the removal of Monsignor James as rector of the archdiocese and three years of silence from the archbishop- triggered the tirade at the airport.
"We are tried of it already and if we have to stand up and make sure that the people that are running our church understand that we are serious about our concerns and wants we're willing to do that. I think that Chamorros are very welcoming people but we're also tired of being walked all over and being abused by this archbishop in this diocese," said protester Vangie Lujan.
The pastor of the Chalan Pago church Reverand Edivaldo Da Silva Oliveira however says, the protestors got it all wrong. "This small group of people are against because of I don't know envy power," he said.  "They claim the Redempotoris Mater Seminary doesn't belong to Guam but that is not true it does belong to Guam it does belong to the archdiocese. The management has prove now we have to be patient why they do that some out of malice, some out of ignorance but we stand the truth will set us free."
When Gennarini  finally arrived he was swarmed and confronted. "We don't want you hear messing up our island we don't need you go home go home," people cried.
So why is Gennerini on Guam? Gerry Taitano said, "Some say the Genneris are here to kind of help and persuade the selection of the new archbishop and its not going to be one our priests its probably going ot be a neo archbishop and we don't want that."
We're told another protest was conducted at the RMS in Yona today where Gennerini and reportedly a cardinal from Germany is on Guam conducting training, KUAM meanwhile also reached out to the archdiocese for a comment, but nothing as of news time.


  1. Long time coming. We will be "Silent No More".

  2. I forgot to mention, I was proud to have been a part of the protest. Let them hear out voices. More to come!!!