Thursday, April 7, 2016


New Nuncio to Kuwait and the Arabian Peninsula

April 5, 2016

Pope Francis has appointed His Excellency, Most Rev. Francisco Montecillo Padilla, titular Archbishop of Nebbio, the new Apostolic Nuncio to Kuwait and Apostolic delegate to the Arabian Peninsula.  
Archbishop Francisco Montecillo Padilla was born on 17th Sept 1953 in Cebu, Philippines and ordained a priest on 21st Oct 1976 and appointed titular Archbishop of Nebbio on April 1, 2006.  He was appointed the Apostolic Nuncio to Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands on April 1, 2006 and Tanzania on Nov 10, 2011. 
A native of Cebu, Padilla has a brother — Archbishop Osvaldo Padilla — who is currently the Apostolic Nuncio in South Korea and Mongolia. 


  1. A filipino! Too bad, the Filipino priests on Guam would NEVER think of letting him know about Luis Camacho and apuron. (If you believe that, you believe in the tooth fairy, Santa Claus and The Diana!)

  2. Interesting development.
    New Nuncio, in a place that needs a lot of help.

    The Apostolic Vicar for the region, Archbishop Camillo Ballin is a friend of Genarinni, the elder, and very close to most OCD in the region. (that is the order of Pius the putrid, considered by many as a Trojan horse for the kikos)
    He is the one responsible for the expansion of NCW in the Vicariate.
    He also is the one who had to authorize Luis, posting in Qatar.

    Padilla is an interesting character who is known to get difficult assignments. He is a sort of fireman, sent to places that need strong straightening. He is very well respected in Africa, with some of the rising stars of the Church there.
    Definitely, not somebody to take up lightly. His older brother is also a Nuncio.
    So we have a professional diplomat, well regarded, coming in, in a difficult region run by a kiko coocoo. That should make the situation quite interesting.
    Rome has known about Fr Luis for a few weeks now, and they did not sound very please.
    The plot thicken....
    Keep posted, the ride, will not be boring.
    NCW has targeted the middle east as a region of expansion, investing a lot of their ill gotten gains there.

  3. More information, so we can understand what we are against, as well as what the faithful are up against in Qatar.

    Several of us here in the Jungle have been aware of Louis's location in the past few months, but because of the very sensitive situation of the Catholic community in that country, we were requested to be very discreet. Of course the NCW knew this, their main protector there, Archbishop Ballin, is well regarded as one of the few Italian prelate fluent in Arabic, and fairly immersed in the culture.

    The NCW has targeted the Middle East as one of their expansion area, at a time when Christianity there is in full retreat, thanks to the ill advised decisions of our own politicians and the clusterf**@#! we have left behind in the region.
    Countries where Christians have lived, and prospered, since the death of Christ, have seen their numbers dwindle to a trickle, under the combination of whole out slaughter, persecution, and forced immigration. Countries like Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Israel, which hosted millions of Christians of several denominations, are limited to a few tens of thousands.
    Only Egypt still has a sizeable Christian population (the Copt), thanks to the protection of the military dictatorship, and despite the Obama's administration best efforts to give the keys to the Muslim Brotherhood.
    Lebanon, which is still a third Christian, on paper at least, is in fact in a pretty bad situation due to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the civil war in neighboring Syria.

    The Middle-East being what it is for the past 50 years, oil rich countries like Lybia, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, have had a large influx of foreign workers, to work the menial jobs. They mostly come from the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, and even Nepal.
    The large majority of them are Christians, mainly Catholics. The ones coming from the south Asian area, being persecuted at home, often take jobs overseas to help their families.
    So Rome, unable to protect the Native Christians in the region, decided to cater to the lowly immigrants that live and work there, often at near slave labor condition.
    By allowing the predatory NCW to supplant the Franciscans, and Maronites who have given the core of the priesthood in the region for decades, Filoni, Hon and their to go-man on site, Ballin are playing a very dangerous game.
    It is a known fact that immigrants far away from their families and countries of origin, are quite susceptible to manipulations by sly operators. This is exactly what the NCW is doing there, using failed clerics who owe them a favor, for protection.
    Our contacts in Rome said that much, and this was confirmed to me by the head of the sexual abuse commission in France Bishop Lalanne.
    There are many good souls willing to support our efforts, sometimes at great risk to themselves, but the corruption of certain key officials make it very difficult.
    It looks like the appointment of the most reverend Archbishop Padilla might be one of these attempts to help.
    We should pray for his safe being and for success in his mission, he has his work cut out.

  4. NCW meets ISIS. Mercy.

  5. There's not much difference between the NCW and ISIS, only that one is more openly abusive.

  6. To our Junglewatch readers with friends or family in the region, please share the links about Luis Camacho with them, or post to their social media, so that they are properly equipped with the truth and can take the necessary steps to protect their children.