Tuesday, January 27, 2015

MORE LOL and COWARDS #1, 2, & 3

LOL! Look who is chiding others to "come out of darkness to live in the Light!" The person who perpetually hides in the darkness and away from the light behind a perpetual pseudonym. Too funny, Susanna, er, I mean Diana. 

But let me help you with your poor inquiry.

The "ingenious strategy to discredit the Archbishop" began with his "arduous and painful" attack on Fr. Paul. No one could have seen such a blunder coming. This "attack" on the Archbishop began on the day I decided to reference Archbishop Apuron's letter to Fr. Paul with his mafioso threat.

Because I know that the Archbishop doesn't write his own letters (I have seen that for myself - or his sermons, btw), I often, in the early days of this blog, tried to give AAA the benefit of the doubt, and suggested several times that he was either being poorly advised or that someone was setting him up because the blunders were just too huge for even AAA's small mind. 

Of course Apuron kept handing us blunder after blunder, lie after lie, document after document, and more blunders after blunders. I could hardly keep up with them. 

But speaking of "set up", the fact that the "internal review" was not signed, is a huge red flag that Apuron was, well, "set up." It was posted on his letterhead so he will ultimately have to take responsibility, but I am willing to bet that he knew nothing about it. Why do I know that? Because my years of experience with him have taught me that he knows very little about anything, and not necessarily because he's stupid, but because he doesn't care, or should I say, he only cares about him. 

Now, to spare the archbishop, you are going to have to agree with me, because if you don't, then you yourself Susanna, er I mean Diana, will condemn the archbishop for not just these consistent and massive blunders, but for an extreme act of cowardice by publishing what amounts to no more than a literary lynching of Msgr. James and not putting his signature on it. 

How funny that you think Archbishop Krebs or Fr. Eric is involved with any kind of orchestration. They, like me, can hardly keep up with all the sh_t that your people keep shoveling out of the chancery. 

You are a bunch of stumbling buffoons, and this weekend proved it. No one on our side has to plot or strategize in the least. We simply wait for your next stupid move. And when it comes, as it always does, we can hardly believe our eyes and ears. 

Can't wait till you can be deposed. Do you know what that means? By the way, how's the view?


Tim the Plumber


Here are the people who are responsible for the "internal review":
  • Deacon Dominic Kim, Coward #1
  • Sr. Marian Arroyo, Coward #2
  • Adrian Cristobal, Coward #3
P.P.S. The way you spell "Chuuk", which you do consistently, gives you away. 

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