Saturday, April 16, 2016


The "Trained Lawyer" speaking at Rotary Club of Tumon Bay April 12, 2016
Now that the AG has "worked something out" with "The Trained Lawyer" and bypassed the Superior Court, despite the AG's earlier statement that a court petition was the only way to correct an errant certificate of title, the only avenue left us to return the RMS-occupied property (which it now owns) back to the patrimony of the Archdiocese of Agana is a law suit. 

Attorney Robert Klitzkie, who has been at the forefront of this fight for truth for the last several weeks recently alluded to this as a "likely" next step in a KUAM story:
"And as the controversy rages on, Klitzkie says a lawsuit is likely.  So it might be that a court will determine who is the true owner."
What could have cost nothing to straighten out this controversy is now estimated, thanks to the AG's about-face and caving to "The Trained Lawyer", to cost at least $100,000.00. And DAMN IT! We're going to raise it. 

Thanks to the effort of the CCOG, the Laity Forward Movement and a bunch of people who care about TRUTH, I am told the CCOG is nearing half of that amount. That's awesome. 

And now, given that the AG and "The Trained Lawyer" have teamed up to STICK IT TO US, let us up the pace of our fundraising and drag this thing into court with "The Trained Lawyer" and her triumvirate of liars on the hill kicking and screaming in tow. 

You can contribute directly via Paypal on the CCOG website or send a check made out to CCOG to the attention of:

Thomas Tanaka/CCOG
S Tanaka Bldg. 220 South Rt.
4 Suite 104 Hagatna, Guam 96910

You can also contact Mr. Tanaka at: 

By the way, I believe in promoting and supporting the companies and businesses of those who work hard for this cause, and Mr. Tanaka's provides the best energy saving solutions on the island. 

LET'S DO THIS! Take the money that you would have given to that scam the Archbishop calls the Archdiocesan Annual Appeal (formerly "Catholic Charities Appeal") and send it to the CCOG so we can soon see these liars and thieves wiggle on the stand. 

Please Archbishop, hurry back. 


  1. As retired Bishop Rene Gracida said during an interview with Church, "If they (laity) don't do it (stand up & speak out) the Church is doomed". (
    Faithful Catholics on Guam must oppose the NEOs false teachings (even though hidden) manifest in their flawed Eucharistic celebration and cult like scrutiny's and public confessions during mass. As with Fr. Camacho, the damage to souls continues. St. Michael defend us in battle....

    1. Right on target, Bruce - my friend! The Church is we, the Laity - and it is incumbent on us, the Laity, to stand up in defence of not only our Faith, but of the patrimony of the Church as well. Even Canon Law itself gives us not only the right, but at times the duty as well, to speak out against the pastor of the Church (Code of Canon Law, #212, §§2-3). (jrsa: 4/16/16)

  2. Those neos are so desperate that they have to rely on a trained attorney who looks desperate in that photo above. Just too funny what Jackie is willing to do to impress her kiko master. Lol


  3. " Lyin Jackie"
    At the end of the end she will be dumped a jobless inept lawyer. No good Jackie useless Jackie sucking Apuron for money i guess.

    1. This is quite possible. I came across something recently that suggests her practice may be in trouble. Perhaps her big client now is Apuron.

  4. KUDOS to GMRC for the magnanimous gift of $100K it recently donated to FestPac to promote our culture and heritage. Our sincerest congrats go out to both FestPac and to the donor for that wonderful gesture). I am pretty sure that some WITHIN OUR SUPPORTERS can afford to contribute at least ½ of 1% of that amount (or any amount for that matter) to promote the bringing to justice the matter of a “stolen church property” worth upwards of $40M. We need to go to court to settle this, un-welcomed and unpleasant that may be to the Chancery and company. Go to our CCOG website (see above) or contact Tommy at ---- 482-4862 (jrsa 4/19/16)