Saturday, April 16, 2016


Dear Fr. Luis, 

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa (strikes breast). On behalf of those who have falsely accused you of having sex with a minor at a secluded beach in Agat, I apologize. Thanks to Fr. Adrian Cristobal's recent statement to the press, we now know the truth.

In his statement, Fr. Cristobal finally cleared up the matter for us saying: "Father Luis Camacho was accused last year for ‘custodial interference’ and not for sexual misconduct with a minor.'

Gosh, we are really sorry Fr. Luis. Since we have no reason ever to doubt the veracity of a statement from such an esteemed man of the cloth as the venerable Chancellor, shame on us. 

However, I do hope you will have some pity on us given the information we were given at the time of your arrest. You see Fr. Luis, what we the public saw was:

  • Your arrest.
  • Your immediate resignation as pastor of two parishes.
  • The commencement of a canonical investigation (or at least the news of it).
  • Your sudden disappearance from Guam. 
  • And absolutely no subsequent information from the Archbishop for more than a year. 

Given all of the above, and the news that your arrest involved your being with a minor girl, well, I think you can see how naive, dirty-minded people like myself could have jumped to conclusions. (Please see above mea culpa's.)

What we cannot understand Fr. Luis, is how you can still be under investigation more than a year later. As Fr. Cristobal's statement to the press says:
"While the canonical investigation is still going on, evaluating also the recent legal conclusion of the case, no further information can be provided at this time." 
How can this be, Fr. Luis. How can this Archbishop continue to investigate you? You didn't do anything? Even the charge of "custodial interference" appears to have been EXPUNGED given that the AG referred a reporter to Guam's Expungement Law when he inquired about it. 

Yet, Fr. Cristobal tells us that you are not only still under investigation by the Archbishop but that you are, even now, under "supervised ministry." What's with THAT, Fr. Luis? 

Are you not an ordained priest? Why are you being supervised? You did nothing wrong. There is no record of anything. The DIANA even says so. 

Why Fr. Luis, oh, Why (wiping tears) are you being so unjustly persecuted by this Archbishop who continues to investigate you and hide you and keep you from your beloved home when you've done absolutely nothing wrong? 

Well, Fr. Luis, I do hope you will hold up during this persecution. As you know, our crosses can make us stronger, and yours is a particularly heavy one to bear. Persecuted and investigated and hidden and banished...all by your own Spiritual Father. Well, if it's any consolation Fr. Luis, you are not alone. I understand there are far more than Fr. Paul and yourself who have been similarly treated.

Try not to lose heart, Fr. Luis. I am sure that the Archbishop will one day see the error of his ways and will publicly clear your name. In fact, now that the Chancellor has informed us that there is no case against you and there never was (since it was expunged), I look forward to his next statement welcoming you back to your home diocese, fully restored to your former positions, and a clear statement to the rest of us that there never was any wrong doing of any kind on your part...even though you have been investigated for over a year. 

I simply do not know how you can bear up under this, Fr. Luis. From the looks of the recent pictures of you, though, you seem to be doing just fine. Such a brave man, you are, Fr. Luis. Holding up so well under all this for more than a year, and still showing Joy, Courage, Peace, and not the least temptation in the company of so many seventeen year old girls there in Qatar. 

You are simply a credit to the firm formation we know exists at RMS. A true shining example for the rest of us to emulate as we suffer through life bearing our own crosses (more tears). 

Mea culpa, Fr. Luis. Mea maxima culpa (pounds breast repeatedly.)

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