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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "LET'S JUST CHALK THIS UP TO STUPID!": 

The responsibles have explained that an investigation must not hinder the investigation by police and civil authorities. It's too bad that in the Jungle you only get one side of the story and everybody jumps to conclusions before listening to what the other side has to say. Fr Adrian even implies that now that the legal side has been concluded the Church can now conclude its investigation and resolve the matter.

People really should learn to be more patient and more open to both sides of the issue. 

It's hard to believe that anyone can really be this stupid. At first I thought it was submitted by someone on our side who was being satirical. But no folks, they REALLY are that STUPID. And besides, "the responsibles have explained," so that settles that, right???

One thing good about all this is that all the world is paying attention right now to what is going on here in Guam, meaning that the absolute Kiko-lunacy is on full inglorious display. 

Really? "The responsibles have explained that an investigation must not hinder the investigation by police and civil authorities." DUH!!! So we are to believe that Apuron and his Fools had to sit around for a whole year and do NOTHING in order to "not hinder the investigation"??? LOL. Hey Cristobal, how about hustling the prime suspect out of the country within hours of the arrest? Do you think THAT had anything to do with "hindering the investigation"????

And "one side of the story?" LOL. It's a whole year later and Apuron and his Fools have said NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING. And what's more intended to say NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING, until we discovered Lickin' Louie in the Middle East dancin' the night away!

And " that the legal side has been concluded the Church can now conclude its investigation and resolve the matter." LOL. Is that what they were waiting for? The legal side to conclude the matter? Okay, good, now that the cowardly commenter has told us the "legal side" has concluded the matter, WE CAN LOOK FORWARD to hearing Apuron's "conclusion of the matter."

FAT CHANCE. There will be NONE!

The real truth is that the "legal side" never concluded anything. Custodial Interference is a felony. The statute of limitations on this particular crime is three years (8 GCA §10.20). It has only been ONE year. The only other way for the case to be "concluded" without prosecution is for the Attorney General, the new Kiko-hero, Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson, to decide NOT to prosecute. 

And the more we add this up, we can again see the hand of the "trained-lawyer" making its way through the Bank of Guam, to a particular neo-catechist, and then through a close relative of Barrett-Anderson. I'll let you connect the dots. But something tells me it is the SAME DOTS which kept the certificate of title issue out of court, right Jackie? Right Liz? 


  1. would that responsibles be our beloved jt
    i wonder how long she stood before a mirror, rehearsing that line

  2. Deacon Steve MartinezApril 21, 2016 at 1:09 PM

    While I really don’t wish to continually contradict people, I feel it is vitally important to get the right information out. Then people far smarter than I can determine the correct course of action to take. But if it is true that the responsibles are telling their communities that an investigation cannot interfere with the police correction – then it is another case of a misleading statement to confuse people.

    Section IV.B of the Sex Abuse policy deals with Investigations. IV.B.1. states “The investigator shall take care not to interfere with any investigation by civil authorities. So the responsibles are taking advantage of this statement, without also disclosing an important fact. Fr Adrian’s press release of April 13, 2016 states that the allegation was about custodial interference. He is referring to the police and AG charges, since she was legally a consenting adult from age 16 there is no crime when sex is involved. So an investigation by the Archdiocese would require caution to not interfere with the police investigation in custodial interference.

    But from the Church’s perspective, there is no diocesan policy against custodial interference. There IS a policy against sexual contact with a child. Therefore, there is no reason for the Archdiocese to delay an investigation into allegations of sexual abuse since the police were not investigating that crime. To say otherwise is an attempt to justify a bad decision that was made last year to halt an investigation.

    In a follow up to my written notice of alleged sexual misconduct regarding Fr Luis in March 2015 I called the Sexual Abuse Response Coordinator, Deacon Larry Claros, to inquire if an investigation was being conducted. He responded that Msgr David C. Quitugua, the Vicar General, was doing the investigation. However, I am not sure how detailed the investigation has been in the past 13 months. He certainly could have interviewed Fr Luis, the parents and the child. As long as the investigation did not deal with custodial interference, he could have gathered information which would have been of more interest to the Church investigation. And since I was the person to file the initial complaint with the Church and CPS, I would have expected him to interview me to find out what I knew. Aside from the two letters I wrote to the Archbishop in March 2015, I could provide him with more information which could be followed up upon. But never once did the Archdiocese interview me as a part of their investigation.

    And this brings up a final point. The investigator himself. While Mgsr David is an experienced Vicar General and canon lawyer, he is not an experienced and professional investigator. During my time as the SARC for the Archdiocese, we had professional investigators we could call upon should an allegation need to be investigated. There are retired FBI agents, retired police detectives, and retired military investigators here on Guam that could be used. No offense to Msgr David, but he just doesn’t have the training to do a proper job. Never contacting me is evidence of this fact.

    The best advice I can suggest at this time is for the Archdiocese to hire an independent investigator to restart the entire process. This would allow the people of Guam to have confidence that the process was done fairly and objectively, providing transparency to the findings, while respecting the privacy of the child, her family, and the accused.

    What is not fair is to have this allegation remain as a cloud over Fr Luis for this extended period of time, using investigative interference as an excuse.

    And what is even more unconscionable, is to allow a priest, with this allegation still pending, to exercise his ministry to a group of teenagers.

    Deacon Steve Martinez

  3. The obvious reason why Luis is in Qatar is because of extradition matters. If Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson had done her job and brought formal charges and an indictment on Luis, he could have been brought back while he was in the palatial Domus Galilee. He is now in Qatar and another Bishop has claimed him as his own, further muddying the investigative water. If any charges or indictments are made now, Guam will be hard pressed to legally extradite him from Qatar. The only way he is coming back is if Tony calls him home and that is still possible because Adrian has said Luis is still a priest of this diocese. But we all know Adrian is a LIAR and theres more to his statement than what he is letting on.
    Depending on wether or not the useless AG acts, the liars on the hill will do one of two things: 1) Announce that Luis has been excardinated from our diocese and is now incardinated in The Diocese of Qatar to avoid having canonical authority to call Luis home to face the music. They will have to deal with Ballin and feign that he has not responded to their request. 2) Do nothing until the statutes of limitation is up then act like it never happened and of course they will be correct. Nothing ever happened because no one did anything.

    1. Well anon at 1.52, you are right on the mark.

  4. True Anon 1.52. Luis may well need to excardinate Guam incardinate into another Diocese outside of usa in order to give him civil protection from usa
    Incardinating into Qatar places Luis into a life time prison sentence. He may never be allowed to return to usa soil for fear charges could be made against.
    Lyin Apuron really made things worse for Luis. I would suggest Luis leaves NCW places himself under a bishop protector arranged by Archbishop Krebs.