Thursday, April 14, 2016


But let's be clear. Apuron is the real criminal.


  1. Seems like brother tony and his NCW idiots have this open invitation for sexual predator priests. Hell what a way to make a name for Guam and its religious culture.


  2. Real criminal is Apuron. Luis is only another suffering victim of Guams catholic church. Sime were victims of sexual abuse. Other victims suffered psychological trauma from Apuron. And there are victims like Fr. Luis Camacho. Boys snatched from their parents forced into a seminary unprepared. Later forced into the priesthhod by a despot bishop. Luis is a victim of the immoral happening in Guams Archdiocese.
    However, Luis looks so sickly he does look like binladen. I pray to God NCW stop abusing Fr.Luis.

  3. What is that that Luis is growing on his face...a shock absorber for Apuron?. Lol.

  4. The beard must surely tickle, especially when applied at the beach!

  5. Luis was a good looking intelligent young man before joining this ncw cult.
    Cult turned him into a monster. It's very sad. He had so much promise as a priest. A furure bishop of Guam. Poor Luis he will not amount to much now. Tragic story.

  6. Luis looks like Osama bin laden
    Pius what did you do to Luis?


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