Friday, April 29, 2016


PDN: Ada said the archbishop has been dodging the issue of the seminary’s property ownership for too long. “He needs to come out and address the concerns that have been raised directly,” he said.



  1. Senator Tom Ada, your comments in today's PDN (04/29/16) described the problem and the solution. The problem: Archbishop Apuron. The solution: Archbishop Apuron.

    Now, if only more of your fellow Senators could find the courage you demonstrated and let us know, publicly, where they stand.

    1. That’s what we have been saying all these years – the archbishop IS THE PROBLEM! It reminds us of the same words one of his own clergy (at a clergy meeting when the Papal Nuncio was present) told him right in the face: “Archbishop; you are the problem!” Takes guts for a priest to say that to his archbishop! Ever since that fateful day in 2006 when he put a wedge among Catholics with his famous “we vs they” divisive phrase, and his undying loyalty to his beloved NCW at the expense of the rest of us Catholics, he has daily exacerbated the rift.

      As to whether he can be the “solution” as well (today), I doubt it. I think he has irreversibly lost that opportunity. For years CCOG, LFM and a host of individuals have been trying to reach out to him for peace and unity within his flock through letters, attempts to meet with him, through private and public prayer services, through silent (until recently) protests. We have all but given up on him, because he has long since given up on us. Solution, I think, must ultimately come from without. Now that the powers that be who fully control and manipulate the archbishop are here on island (the full complement of the Board of Guarantors and a Cardinal of the Holy See, and getting our Papal Nuncio involved), perhaps lends an opportunity to “resolve” some issues. Therein, perhaps, may lend itself a “solution”. (jrsa: 4/29/16). --- If I'm duplicating this comment, my apologies@

  2. Too much power given to brother tony with no one to check on his actions. He knew this and flew with it. Still they ask for more more more money. Stop giving and see what they'll take next.

  3. The archbishop is just going to do his song and dance and say, "what issue?" Put his feet to the fire and get that committee hearing going with Mike Borja. Once questions start popping up, the so-called pot will be stirring. Enough is Enough.