Saturday, April 16, 2016


The fact that this statement was made by "Joker's Wild" who we know is Adrian makes this especially rich:

LOL. Adrian says "GPD never said that Fr. Luis was caught in the act," and that it was commenters on JungleWatch "who started the rumor."

Okay, we'll give them that. So we started the rumor. Fine. But Adrian CONFIRMED it:
"Father Luis Camacho was accused last year for ‘custodial interference’ and not for sexual misconduct with a minor. Following the accusation, a canonical investigation was begun into the matter and according to the zero tolerance guidelines, the Archbishop applied the precautionary measures according to canon 1722 of the Code of Canon Law, upon opening a preliminary investigation."
Do you see it?

Never mind the reference to Canon Law, that's just a ruse and I'm going to address that separately. It's what Adrian says right before that which confirms that Luis was arrested for "sexual activity": 

"...according to the zero tolerance guidelines." 

The only application of "zero tolerance guidelines" in church policy is in reference to the discovery of sexual abuse, particularly of minors. 

There are no "zero tolerance guidelines" for "custodial interference" or anything else. 

ZERO TOLERANCE is a policy adopted by the U.S. Bishops in 2002 in response to the public uncovering of decades of clergy sex abuse of minors. 

ZERO TOLERANCE is why Luis was immediately removed from ministry. 

Once again, Adrian, trying to sound smart, trying to outwit us, trying to shut us down with his bullcrap, hands us the very thing that he is saying doesn't exist: an accusation of sexual misconduct. 

And once again, it is not we who continue to accuse Luis Camacho of sexual misconduct. It is the Archbishop and Adrian: the archbishop by keeping the investigation open, and Adrian by referencing "zero tolerance guidelines." 
LOL. This is too much fun. Talk about shooting ducks in a barrel. 

Francis tells bishops to back ‘zero tolerance’ on sexual abuse

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