Monday, May 2, 2016


It's hard for me to believe that someone who holds himself out as an "academic" asks a  question like this when only a modicum of research would have supplied the answer, so I'm left to believe that Mr. Guile here is just trying to corner me. However, for the sake of those who may really want to know the answer and are not playing games, I shall provide one. 

Cardinal Cordes is not a Neo-cardinal; instead, it is claimed he is a Kiko-cardinal.
But if the cardinal was appointed by the Vatican to guide the Way, then why not refer to the most recent popes as Kiko-popes? Why stop there, one of them is a saint, so I guess JPII must be a Kiko-saint if Cardinal Cordes is a Kiko-cardinal. Your thoughts, please.

First, Cardinal Cordes is RETIRED. R-E-T-I-R-E-D. That means he no longer holds any official Church position and is no longer the appointee to "accompany" the NCW. That means he is NOT here on Rome's business or Church business, but only KIKO's business. 

He was brought here for one reason. TONY IS GOING DOWN. And the Kiko's are desperate to salvage their situation. They are going mad trying to get a neo-successor to Tony and to do that they are desperately trying to present some semblance of legitimacy to the Day Care they call RMS. 

But it is not just the RMS on Guam that is in trouble, it is the whole Neocatechumenal Way. The nasty NCW lobby that has held sway in the Vatican for three decades is beginning to erode, and you can bet that what is happening in Guam is playing a large part in its collapse, for nowhere in the world is the evil program of Kiko Arguello and Giuseppe Gennarini more on display.

The amazing thing is that they thought they could get away with it. They must have mistook Guamanians to all be like Tony, David, and Adrian, three individuals who are not just a discredit to the Chamorro people, but a disgrace to the Catholic priesthood - as you will all soon learn. Well they "mistook" badly. Guamanians may take longer than others to respond because of their traditions and cultural respect of the Church, but when they respond - well let's just say that Magellan made the same mistake. 

Second, the papal appointing of someone to "accompany" a group, particularly a lay group, as is the NCW, does NOT imply approval. It could actually imply suspicion or disapproval which is why the group needs to be accompanied - to make sure they are kept in line. A recent example of this is when Pope Francis appointed an Apostolic Commissioner to "accompany" the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate last year after receiving complaints from some of its members. 

Even papal approval can be horribly wrong. It is well known that one of John Paul II's favorite groups was the Legionnaires of Christ, and due to JPII's personal protection of its founder, Marcel Maciel, the monstrous atrocities committed by Maciel could not be investigated until after JPII's death. 

Third, there is credible evidence that Cordes was part of the conspiracy in 2012 to sneak approval for the NCW liturgy past Pope Benedict. When Benedict discovered the plot, he turned the tables on the NCW and reportedly had a falling out with Cordes, who, a fellow German, he had been known to have been close to. 

Fourth, Cordes was given the duty of being "responsible" for the Charismatic Renewal and the NCW, two groups already known to be trouble, because at the time (1980-1995) he was Vice-President of the Pontifical Council of the Laity. This means that while he has continued to lobby for the NCW, he has NOT "accompanied" the NCW in any official capacity for over twenty years. 

Fifth, his presence here means nothing unless one is stupid enough not to see what is going on. The Gennarini's are taking advantage of the natural deference the Catholics of Guam have for men of the cloth, particularly those who wear red hats (Cardinals), and once again using us to shove the NCW in our faces. 

Most of this was already spelled out in THE STINKING MONK RAMPS IT UP and it is hard to believe that Guile does not know this. And even if he doesn't, his "academic" credentials (we are told) would seem to imply that he could have figured out for himself that the appointment of a prelate to guide a particular group does not cast the pope who made the appointment as one of that group or even an advocate. 

Lastly, I will say that it pains me to paint Cordes into the Kiko corner he has chosen for himself. In the main, he is a conservative and I support his efforts to keep the Church connected to the Sacred Tradition that is under attack - even at the highest levels. It is hard to believe that a man like Cordes can be a defender of the faith on one hand and contribute by his presence to a "Protestant-Jewish heresy with a Catholic decoration" on the other. But that is what we saw this past Saturday night. 

We have seen this happen over and over again. Kiko's billions (administered by Gennarini) speak loudly. To be sure, we will see Cordes, wined and dined, feted and frittered, all about the Neo world, propping up what's left of it. This is the retirement Tony had hoped for. If Cordes is smart, he'll get out of Guam and never come back. In a few weeks he will not want his name anywhere near Apuron's. 

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