Friday, May 20, 2016


Jeff Marchesseault called in to Patti's show and criticized my posting of this. I'll try to post his interview later. 

His aim was not to offer my any advice but to criticize me publicly because I don't line up with his liberal brain. What a low life. LOL. 

Tim Rohr
 shared Unapologetic Veterans's photo.
True dat. Thank you, Mr. President ðŸ˜œ LOL
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Michael Rice
Michael Rice Ha Ha Ha!
Jeffrey Tomas Marchesseault
Jeffrey Tomas Marchesseault I respect a lot of your opinions, Tim. But sometimes you're just a pig. In this instance, the swinish element is on display loud and proud.
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Tim Rohr
Tim Rohr Jeff. No need to be friends. I'll have fun with your comment. Trust me.
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Jeffrey Tomas Marchesseault
Jeffrey Tomas Marchesseault Honestly, I don't see how a difference of opinion makes us "not friends." If my friend is being a pig, I tell him to his face. As I just have to you, friend.
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Tim Rohr
Tim Rohr my friends don't call each other pigs.
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Well, sometimes, my friends repeatedly make ignorant remarks and I am compelled to call them on it. Here you are publicly supporting men coming forward and announcing that they were molested by priests, even 40 years ago. Truly, this is noble. But I also distinctly remember you criticizing BJ Cruz when he came forward and announced that he had been molested by a priest. You found it deplorable that he hadn't defended himself more successfully at the age of 12 or 13. Now another man has come forward to state that he was molested by a priest on Guam around the same age, and yet he isn't on the receiving end of your ridicule for having failed to fend off the perpetrator. You're selectively pointing your finger and now the finger's pointing back at you. Be consistent.
BJ never came out. He only said that as a sidebar to his argument with the bishop over his same-sex bill. If he wanted to come out then he could have done what Roy had the courage to do. I'll support anybody who is sincere and courageous. In addition to being a serial liar, he is neither of those. So funny to hear your lecture from someone who stays in the stands. But then I get a lot of that kind of shit.
Far from it, Tim. I've been politically active on Guam for years and continue to be to this day. And for the record, BJ had been very public and courageous about the sexual abuse committed against him. He testified in California, where it happened and spoke about the incident publicly again on K57 today. If you're going to be public with your chosen issues, including the sanctity of a person's privacy when it comes to their genitals, then have consistent respect.
Sorry. I don't respect you enough to respect even a speck of your opinion. Stay the hell off my facebook.

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  1. Yes, took great interest in what BJ revealed at the time. Lov d the part of breezing around the roads of Guam in his sports car with his beautiful BOY. OH, BJ. That was boy friend.

  2. Who's Jeffrey? Been living here for over 60 yrs. and never heard of him.
    Must be undercover.

  3. It's just another normal NEO practice. Stalling seems to be their best tactic when the truth comes out about their cult. Don't believe me, look at all of the counters in the Jungle.

  4. i laughed out loud when you said "aim."

  5. Smile Tim,

    DianaMay 21, 2016 at 7:21 PM
    Dear Anonymous at 7:18 pm,

    I am sure that we will have some very good news soon. Keep praying. Prayers are very powerful. :-)

    1. LOL. The fat lady has only begun to sing.