Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Did you even notice it was FRIDAY, THE 13TH when you issued your threat? Guess who it's going to be BAD LUCK for?

It is now 11:48 AM, Tuesday, May 16. A Day that will live in INFAMY. Bring on that law suit you monster.

The abomination in the temple


  1. Post this picture in the post office - Wanred " Children molester"

    1. May we not give in to initial impulse and anger. We can be part of the solution by allowing the law to handle the necessary process. It will be a long night. In the meantime we can pray for unity, peace and harmony while we ponder our personal responses to this crisis in leadership. The Church will survive this as well, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and through our well-tested faith.

    2. Thanks for your sentiments, but let's make one thing clear. The "law" is not involved here and cannot be - at least not yet. The reason is the statute of limitations has expired on this crime. The Victim has no recourse other than to make what happened to him public. There is a movement however called Silent No More which intends to ask the legislature to pass a bill lifting that statute. Everyone interested in truth and justice should support the initiative, or better yet, call senators and urge them to do it personally. I have more information under SIGN THE PETITION in the right side bar.

      As of the crisis in leadership, there has been a crisis for three decades but we were too busy with our designer liturgies and planning the next fiesta to care. The Church will survive but many souls will not. Pray yes. Do yes. Jesus did both.


  2. Looks like an abuser in this photo.