Monday, May 23, 2016


As if it wasn't enough that Apuron used Roy for his own seflish gratification, now Jeff Marchesseault uses Roy for his own selfish ends as well.

Roy had just finished an interview with the PDN and had already gotten into a car with his friend who was transporting him to different meetings, when Mr. Marchesseault ran up to the car Roy was in and began knocking feverishly on the car window.

Roy, being the gentleman that he is, rolled down the window to see what the frantic man pounding on the glass wanted. He wanted a picture with Roy, and specifically a picture with Roy with the Cathedral in the background.

He wanted the picture so he could post it on his Facebook with the following message:

You see, after Mr. Marchesseault called me a PIG on my own Facebook page... 

...for posting a meme I thought was funny...

and after I told Marchesseault to stay the hell off my facebook...

...Marchesseault took it upon himself to call K57 the next morning and lecture me on how he thinks I should behave in public:

I had some fun with Mr. Marchesseault as you can see here, and obviously Marchesseault (aka Mr. No Accomplishment) went nuts trying to salvage the reputation he thinks he still has (LOL!). So, in order to do so, he grabs Roy out of his car, pushes him in front of the Cathedral, and makes Roy's friend take their picture. 

While Apuron molested an unknowing 12 year old 40 years ago and used him to satisfy his selfish ends, Marchesseault molested the same victim 40 years later, prostituting an unknowing Roy Quintanilla by using him as a prop in a pathetic attempt to salvage what was left of his reputation after I had some fun with his frantic idiocy

And now that Roy knows why you, Mr. Marchesseault, wanted this picture and how you used it - and more so - how you USED HIM, perhaps, as soon as this bill lifting the statute of limitations is passed, you'll be seeing Mr. Quintanilla again. 

By the way, anyone notice something funny about the way Marchesseault is holding Roy's arm. That's not a handshake, is it. 

Smile Jeff, the whole world is watching:


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