Monday, May 9, 2016


The mess that is RMS is reflective of the mess that has gone on in Rome for a very long time, including probably the selection of one Anthony S. Apuron (a topic we will take up one day soon). 

Cardinal says ‘unauthorized people’ in Rome veto bishop picks

This is why it is IMPERATIVE that we throw off the COLONIZED attitude of always looking across the water for the Great White Hope to swoop in and fix our problems. Error and Evil must always be opposed whatever it is and whether anyone comes to our aid or not. 

Our baptism has given us all we need to wage war with the demons who attack us from within and without...and I don't just mean the current task of ridding this diocese of a dangerously derelict bishop. 

Of course the graces of baptism are rendered effectual or ineffectual to the degree that each one's soul is free from sin. Maybe this is why so many of us do not want to rise up on our own, but continue calling out across the sea. 

Whatever it is, fix it with the Sacraments. The battle will rage far beyond the current dilemma. It is not our traditions, or our church, or our culture which is at stake. It is our souls. 

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