Monday, May 9, 2016



  1. So who was in attendance??? AAA and company? Pretty sure they are being tight lipped who was in attendance

  2. OJ and his ilk must now be paranoid wondering who the hell is feeding Jungle Watch such factual info. One thing they haven't done and cannot do is refute the truth. And they haven't had much luck suppressing it, either.

  3. Eat drink and be merry for your fun and games days will soon be no more bah ha

  4. What? Tickets . . INVITATION O N L Y ? ? ! ! ! WHAT AN EXCLUSIVE CLUB !

  5. suffering of the NCW

    1. Perhaps it should be the suffering of the innocent inflicted by the NCW through their heretical teaching and brainwashing.

  6. Primatologist not at concert.
    He went to Manila to fit mitre and crozier.
    While there in the middle, Nero began to fiddle,
    And the whole cult came tumbling down.

  7. This concert is dedicated to Bro Tony and company! Kiko to Bro Tony, "I know you are suffering, but the testimonies you laid before the community makes you innocent." OJ to Bro Tony, " Do not worryor be afraid for I will be with you always. I am your Jiminey Cricket."

  8. Maybe he or they went there for their or somebody else's mother's celebration day - you know, being Saturday night and all with the community. Whoo, whoo.

  9. I say! this is very interesting.

    The Suntory Hall, is the equivalent of the Carnegie Hall in New York, The Royal Albert Hall in London, The Palais Garnier in Paris, The Berliner Philarmoniker, or the Milano Scala.

    This is a premier venue of international class. The renting of such a space for a one time concert, can run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Such a "concert" would be seen as a major charm offensive from the NCW in Japan, where we know they have been under the gun since 2010.
    It can also be used as a major fund raiser for the sect.

    I guess, the old tired argument by Genarrini, (who was taking the same piece from Pius 2 years ago in the PDN) that the NCW cannot hold any property, shows you the depth of deception this group is willing to perpetrate on the general public.

    We can surmise, that they invited many of their figure heads to attend along a string of influential local political and civil leaders. The message is both one of strength, for the bishops of Japan, and one of charm, (How can we be evil, when we are so benevolent?)
    This is the kind of operation Genarrini organized in Boston, Philadelphia and New York (on a lesser scale) and the kind Kiko and Genarrini the elder organized in Europe.

    This would also explain the convenient timing of Genarinni's visit to our shores, with an easy stop on the way back home.

    Needless to say for any of you that never went to this area of Tokyo, that the prices of Hotel rooms are 2 to 3 times those practiced here on Guam, even at the echelon of the Dusit Tahni or the Hyatt.
    I am sure they negotiated a preferential rate at one or two hotels, but even then, you can be sure, the prices are very high.

    Now folks, you know where the money from these trash bags go...

    I would suggest we keep an intention in our prayers for the Catholics of Japan, who are probably going to face a new onslaught from the kikos in weeks to come. Perhaps with them trying to reopen that seminary they closed 6 years ago.

    1. Did the Gennarinis leave? Was there another protest against them at the airport?

  10. "The Suffering of the Innocents" composed by Kiko Arguello is one of the most lackluster and banal musical compositions anyone would have the misfortune to hear.

    1. Correct David, but what it is, is a not so veiled "olive branch" to the "chosen people".

      If you consider the strong wing in the post Vatican II, of apologists regarding crimes the Catholic Church did not commit, specially in the modernist movement.
      Then you add this, to the continued overtures to the Jewish community as a whole, by many in the Church.

      The result is a perfect opportunity for Kiko (the converted Marxist Jew, or so he says)to reach out to his older tribe and make amends. This plays fairly well with the Talmudist movement in Israel.

      Finally for icing on the cake, you have Domus Galilae, where Kiko, Genarrini and Co are wining and dining Bishops, Cardinals but also friendly Rabbis. This fits perfectly with Kiko's views on the place of Jews in the salvation.

      Now you have a much clearer picture of the manipulation of opinions at hand, and the leverage they are using to gain favors and goodwill, from naive decision makers.

      So far from being only a poorly composed piece, it is a political tool, that they have used effectively.

      When you see what some Cardinals, and Bishops in the USA have done along these lines, (see Boston, Baltimore, Newark, Miami)
      You can start grasping at the hugely dangerous road Kiko is embarking not only his movement, but also the Church as a whole.
      This is not anything to underestimate.

    2. Great insight!

    3. Kiko wrote a "symphony" called the Suffering of the Innocents.

      So he does have an appreciation of the Church of Guam, after all.