Saturday, June 11, 2016


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "THE NEO'S JUBILEE GIFT TO THE CARMELITES": 

- To the "Trained" Lawyer Jackie T - I am very interested in finding out how your family members who have died are buried in our cemeteries. I bet it is not the disgusting way that you are treating all others. I have always been so proud of how My Island of Guam kept the cemeteries in tip-top condition and how beautiful everything is on All Souls Day! How much money would it take to hire several landscapers to keep the grass mowed in all our cemeteries - Oh Wait - let's keep that money and use it to maintain my beautiful house on Guam! Jackie T - You are an A-Moral Human Being and You Will Reap Your Just Rewards. I hope you sleep well at night because I cannot after seeing the pictures of my families' and friends' disgusting final resting places. 

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