Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Archdiocese in shambles
By John S. Del Rosario Jr. | Posted on Jun 27 2016


  1. The media is on to them.

  2. Kudos to Mr. Rosario for capturing the "essence" of Guam's current situation. Tai Fai the Hon, Mr. Rosario did a little research and "Bingo" he captured a clear snapshot of the crisis on the "Hill".
    Your failed "Papal mission" reveals the "spiritual stench" that cripples the Vatican's ability to address the "crisis" that has enveloped the priesthood and the religious communities throughout the Church.
    The denial and cover-up of this "clergy sex abuse crisis" will reduce Church holdings to pay for cash settlements of civil suits world-wide.

    In Fr. Gobbi's book, "My beloved Sons, the Priests" Our Blessed Mother eludes to this crisis that has engulfed America "I announce to you that the hour of the great trial is on the point of arriving. The great trial has arrived for your country. How many times, as a concerned and sorrowing mother, have I endeavored to urge my children to follow the path of conversion and of return to the Lord. I have not been listened to. You have continued to walk along the way of rejection of God, and of His law of love. Sins of impurity have become ever more widespread, and immorality has spread like a sea which has submerged all things. Homosexuality, a sin of impurity which is against nature, has been justified; recourse to the means of preventing life have become commonplace, while abortions - these killings of innocent children, that cry for vengeance before the face of God - have spread and are performed in every part of your homeland. The moment of divine justice and of great mercy has now arrived.
    You will know the hour of weakness and of poverty; the hour of suffering and defeat; the purifying hour of the great chastisement...
    The great trial has arrived for all humanity. The chastisement, predicted by me at Fatima and contained in that part of the secret which has not yet been revealed, is about to take place. The great moment of divine justice and of mercy has come upon the world."

    1. Just to clarify. "Homosexuality" is an attraction to the same sex and is not a sin. Homosexual acts, like any other sexual acts outside the bonds of marriage open to regeneration, is a sin, and that includes the use of natural means to avoid pregnancy without "just cause."

  3. Deacon Steve MartinezJune 28, 2016 at 3:15 PM

    Dear Mr. Del Rosario:

    Thank you for your article in the Saipan Tribune. I especially appreciate your call for any victims in Saipan to consider coming forward. As you may know, studies have shown that priests who engaged in child molestation and rape are not able to just turn this crime on and off. It is like a terrible addiction.

    In the US and throughout the world, the Church had hoped that moving a priest from one location to another would stop the crime. Sadly, we know this only made the problem worse because the priests had new and unsuspecting victims to prey upon.

    In the recent case at hand, if Fr Apuron molested altar boys in Agat, there is no reason to believe that the problem was isolated to just Agat. After Agat, Fr Apuron also served in Saipan and Agana. I worry that there are likely more victims in both these areas. And because of the courage of the boys from Agat and a mother who lost her son, other victims may now realize that they were not were not alone. They were not the only victim. I urge any and all victims of sexual abuse to come forward so you can finally release the burden you have been carrying all these years.

    A dedicated group of lay people have worked very hard to insure that you can come forward without fear. You can contact Dee Reyes Peredo at 777-6836, or Ernee Perez at 482-5711.

    Deacon Steve Martinez

  4. I re-echo Deacon Martinez's statements and ask all sexual abuse survivors in the Diocese of Chalan Kanoa and all of Oceania to please come forward now! I need you. The Church needs you. God, Jesus, Mary and all the Saints need you, AND it doesn't have to be "Fr. Apuron." It could be any Bishop, living or deceased, active or retired. Again, this is a test from Rome! Please come out in full force because if you don't, you cover-up for Satan!