Thursday, June 2, 2016


Posted by Chuck White

We’re not alone, Guam!  A major newspaper in New Jersey is reporting that the Neocatechumenal Way is causing trouble there too.  Right in Giuseppe Gennarini's backyard!  Read more.


  1. I have to check this out. Our daughter and son-in-law live in New Jersey and are registered parishioners of St. Anne of the Heights at 3545 Kennedy, Jersey Heights. They haven't said anything unusual, but then again, we've learned how sneaky the Neo can be.

  2. It's definitely not a cult. What a great quote.

    1. And Kiko definitely doesn't think he's the greatest gift to the Church since Luther.

  3. If the Newark Archdiocese is "supportive of The Way but doesn’t want to see its practices forced on parishioners", then maybe their ArchBishop is either very naive, very ignorant, or possibly he has already been brain-washed and/or coerced into joining the ncw. I hope the reporter is truly interested in the parishioners' complaints and takes the lead to connect with Chuck. They can certainly learn from us!

    1. Maybe their Bishop likes to squeeze little boys balls too.

  4. Wow. It's as if that article was written about Guam and the NEO invasion. Amazing. BTW somebody please let Kiko and his robots know that their spaceship is ready to take them back to the planet they came from. Thanks

  5. I hope the parishioners who used to 'feel like the church but now feel like dissenters" know they don't have to put up with this episcopal 'bullying'. I know the feeling...seeing the photos of the recent mass at our beloved Cathedral with the flower laden table and menorah felt like a punch to the gut. I hope they know of our fight and are inspired to take back the Church...their Church.

  6. We need to "Combine Forces", we may share ideas, share lessons learned and tactics, that way Genarinni's will have two fronts to bounce between.

  7. To paraphrase a local public announcement: the Rhinocerous Beetle, Little Fire Ants, Siam Weed, and African Snail. These are unwanted invasive species that have wreaked havoc in the natural environment of our local flora and fauna. We have yet to include the "neocatechumenal way" as THE most unwanted foreign invaders that we have to contend with. I hope Customs and Immigration are becoming more stringent as we try to protect our way of life here on Guam.

  8. Frankie Aguigui FarfanJune 3, 2016 at 6:57 AM

    OUR "neo" bishop PROBLEMS
    We on Guam have a bishop who is referred to
    As "brother tony" he is a member of the ncw "The Neocatechumenal Way"
    1. Archbishop Apuron 'An Accused Serial Sexual Predator'
    2. Deacon Defends Mother Who Accused Archbishop of Molesting Her Son
    3. Janela Carrera on the Big Show with Travis Coffman (K57 INTERVIEWS)
    4. Tim Rohr with Patti Arroyo (K57 INTERVIEWS)
    5. Mother Says Son's Last Words: "Father Apuron Molested Me"
    6. Archbishop Apuron Denies Sexually Abusing Doris Concepcion's Son
    90 something stories

    I have been posting the headlines from PNC (easy format to copy) all stories that relate to brother tony and the ncw, to the Jersey link above...

    to include the following outlets,,,

  9. They should post his picture and label it "Guam's Highest Ranking Pedophile"....nevermore, he'll like that free advertisement.

  10. Unfortunately, Archbishop Myers will probably not take any action if the past few years is any indication, let alone his past. He is probably about as devoted to the NCW as AAA or at least the lure of more vocations. If the laity protests enough, perhaps the priest will be transferred by the NCW to some distant location, much like Fr. Edson Costa was transferred last year. Remember Fr Costa, he was the NCW priest who admitted to sexually assaulting a senior citizen woman at St. Anne’s Church in Fair Lawn, NJ and then the Archdiocese placed him at a parish in West Orange, NJ. When the Archdiocese was caught moving Costa around, Costa quietly disappeared after a going away party.

    There was also Fr. Alex Orozco who took more than 250,000 from elderly parishioners and also Fr. Manuel Espinosa who abused a 15-year-old boy who then told church officials who then let Espinosa know so he could flee the country before the police came for him.

    “The archdiocese [of Newark] has among the highest rates of ordination in the country, in part because it aggressively recruits potential priests from South and Central America and from the Philippines, according to annual statistics compiled by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.”

    Remember it is all about quantity, not quality and the lure of the red biretta.