Thursday, June 30, 2016


There's this scene that keeps playing in my head and it won't go away. It looks like this. 

Archbishop Hon is yelling into the phone while Fr. Ted sits nearby shaking his head and looking at the floor. On the other end of the phone in Rome is Cardinal Filoni who is shouting back. Behind him and leaning over his chair is Kiko Arguello and Anthony S. Apuron. Filoni is mad at Hon for not putting down the rebellion and Hon is mad at Filoni for sending him to this "God-forsaken" place.

This may not be what is actually happening, but given Apuron's brazen June 6 video message on the steps of the Vatican - a message never discredited by Hon, one can only assume that Apuron and Kiko are hard at work with their friends in high places. 

But why so much effort for Guam? 

Compared to Kiko's vast empire, not even the 70 Million Dollar property should matter this much. And then to send a Secretary of a major Vatican Congregation to babysit while Archie is away? What's up with that? Why is Guam so important to them? 

It's really about demographics. 

In order for Kiko to take over the Church - something he has already gone quite far in doing - he must produce armies of presbyters. It's sort of how Islam is currently conquering Europe where Muslim immigrants are out birthing Europeans 5 to 1, not to mention the vast increase through immigration itself. 

The challenge Kiko has in doing this is that only a bishop can ordain a priest, so he has spent a lot of energy and effort buying up bishops. That's not hard to do, but nowhere was it easier than on Guam. With Apuron firmly in hand (perhaps because his molestation history was known to his neo-master), Kiko had a bishop who would ordain anyone he was told to ordain. For whereas other bishops were easily purchased, they still maintained some standards for ordination, especially since the Vatican began investigating seminaries under Benedict. 

Because of Apuron's obedience to his neo-masters, Guam's RMS was the place to send the rejects, all the guys no other bishop would take. This is why Guam has twice the number of seminarians at our RMS than does a diocese like Boston which is more than ten times our size. With no stable professorship, no real courses, and little oversight from the Vatican, the RMS factory has been in full swing, pumping out presbyters lickety-split.

In order to keep this machine going, Kiko and Gennarini knew that they needed an obedient successor to Apuron. Their best bets up to this point were Adrian or David. But then, DAMN that JungleWatch! These guys are now too toxic and have to be passed over - sending Adrian into crybaby tears and David to the clinic begging for meds. 

So what to do? 

I'll tell you what they are doing. If they can't have the arch-neo's David or Adrian, they will work to get someone who will be a complete yes-man, someone they can control like Apuron, someone who, even if he is not a neo, will still bend to the neo-will. Who could that be? 

I don't know. I was hoping that Rome would see fit to put in a bishop from elsewhere for five years or so until things get right, but now I don't think so. I think Filoni seriously believed he could rehabilitate Apuron and stick him back in here until retirement - another 5 years in which he could ordain tons of more presbyters. But now that the possibility of lifting the statute of limitations looms, he is having to rethink this. 

Filoni can't afford a bishop or an administrator not friendly to the neo's. They need someone in here they can control. And it appears they are moving fast. Hon wants out of here ASAP. Everyday brings a new disaster and his star is fading in Rome. 

I sense that Hon, Filoni, and Kiko are scrambling to get a neo-friendly bishop in here pronto! Apuron is still in the background saying "what about me? what about me?" But Filoni probably saw the testimonies at the public hearing and realized that Apuron is definitely now a NO GO!

So who will it be? 

I think we'll be able to tell by whoever Hon makes the next Vicar General. Watch for it. 

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