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Posted by Chuck White
Carmen Hernandez

Neocatechumenal Way co-founder Carmen Hernandez dies at 85

Carmen Hernandez, co-founder of the Neocatechumenal Way, died today at home in Madrid, Spain. She was 85 years old.

Hernandez, along with Kiko Arguello and Fr. Mario Pezzi, made up the international team responsible for the ecclesial movement, which focuses on post-baptismal adult formation. It is estimated that the movement contains about 1 million members, in some 40,000 parish-based communities around the world.

Over the last year and a half, Hernandez had suffered deteriorating health, although she was never diagnosed with a specific disease.

She was last seen publically March 18 at an audience that Pope Francis granted missionary families of the Neocatechumenal Way.

The Holy Father also spoke to her by phone on July 1, during an audience with Kiko Argüello and Fr. Mario Pezzi.

Of course, we will pray for her soul, because of our concern about the grave damage she has done.

For his part, Kiko believes that she is already in heaven, as you can read in this letter.  No purgatory for her!

It gets better...Kiko says that she waited for his kiss before she's all about him, after all.

Beloved Brothers,

I give great news: today, at 4:45pm, our sister Carmen has departed for heaven. It is certain that our Lord Jesus has come to take her soul and take her with him. While we suffer for her loss, especially me, we are happy to know that our Lord Jesus has taken her with him.

Carmen, what an enormous help for the Way! She never flattered me, always thinking about the good of the Church. What a strong woman! I’ve never met anyone like her. In the announcements, with the youth, and the Pope, as now in Krakow, she would always tell them; “The woman is the most important of the Church, because she carries within her the factory of life. So on the first page of Genesis to the end of Revelations the devil is always persecuting the woman.” And she would end it saying. “I leave you Kiko as a gift.”

I hope to die soon and join her. Carmen has been for me a wonderful occurrence; the woman, her great (temper or genius –it means both), her charisma, her love for the Pope and especially her love for the Church.

Well brothers, my soul is aching, because she is no longer with us. But faith helps me and says that she is with Christ. Pray for her. You can celebrate Mass together in commemoration/memory of Carmen.

The Archbishop of Madrid has accepted that the funeral of Carmen be done, with the body present in the Cathedral, perhaps Cardinal Rouco can preside. The Itinerants of Europe are invited to the funeral, if you can come. We will tell you of the exact day.

Courage, that Christ is risen and has conquered death for us!

It has been touching for me that she waited until I arrived, I gave her a kiss and told her; “Courage” and after giving her a small kiss, she passed away.

Kiko Arguello

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