Thursday, July 28, 2016


Posted by Robert Klitzkie

Junglewatch Nation have you seen this sign?

Yesterday Apostolic Administrator Hon used Doublespeak to tap dance his way through a press conference in the "crying room" of the Cathedral.

Hon "reached out" to all of the island's media outlets by showing himself to be the Master of Doublespeak. Near the beginning of his remarks Hon said, "I am committed to serving in the Archdiocese in an open and transparent manner..." One wonders what Hon's idea of opacity would look like.  "...Open and transparent manner..." from Hon? Doublespeak.

In the Q&A following the press conference there was more Doublespeak as Hon spoke about the two priests that have become the cause célèbre of the laity. Msgr. James was promised the due process that Apuron denied him when he was summarily sacked two years ago. That means that this time around Msgr. James will be given notice of the charges against him and the opportunity to be heard on those charges. Restoration to his position at the Cathedral, etc? Nope, just due process.

By now all you Junglewatch buffs have seen the Decree of Removal Prot. No. 013-074 signed by Apuron on November 12, 2013.  Hon didn't say that the degree was revoked or that he "recanted" it even though "recant" seemed to be the word of the day. Hon did have some gentle words for Fr. Paul along the lines that a canon lawyer had found that Paul hadn't been disobedient. The gentle words, however are far short of the restoration to the position of Pastor at Santa Barbara that the laity had worked so diligently for on Paul's behalf for the past three years. Doublespeak.

Hon showed that he understands that TV is a visual medium by dressing the room nicely with priests including the two recipients of his deceptively kind words. Fr. Paul didn't disappoint as he spoke to the press in appropriately reverent tones about his faux victory after the press conference.

Hon  alleged  that he was out of the game as far as Apuron's misconduct is concerned, that matter coming within the jurisdiction of Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith, failing to tell us that the recent Moto Proprio arguably lays jurisdiction of such matters in the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, the Secretary of which is one Archbishop Savio Hon. Doublespeak.

With respect to that congregation, "...Congregation has diligently kept the Holy Father informed about the process in order to receive his prompt advice or directives. I will report on the progress of this matter as information becomes available to me." Has Hon reported anything to us? No. Has the "... Congregation...diligently kept the Holy Father informed?" Hon says yes. Doublespeak.

Hon wound up his performance with what sounded like a noble invitation. Hon said, " sincere desire to personally meet with Mr. Quintinilla, Mrs. Concepcion, Mr. Denton, and Mr. Sondia." Hon goes on to say he'll travel to meet with them off-island or "...arrange for their travel to Guam to meet with me."  Hon then asks that the four contact him or his secretary.

This sounds so noble until one remembers that a lawsuit pends in the Superior Court, that David Lujan, Esq. represents the four and John Terlaje, Esq. represents the Archdiocese. Lujan and Terlaje have had extensive correspondence. Given the participation of counsel, how likely is it that Attorney Lujan's clients are going to cozy up with Hon after all that has transpired, suit has been filed and Hon has been served with a summons and complaint? Not very. Yet by PUBLICLY making the offer Hon can appear to be magnanimous at the expense of Roy, Doris, Walter and Roland. Like a godfather in reverse, Hon made them an offer they couldn't accept. Doublespeak.

There was one deviation from Doublespeak into Zerospeak.  In his entire speech Hon never mentioned Apuron.  Not even once!

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