Thursday, July 28, 2016


Posted by Chuck White

"Senators, I know my brother was raped by Archbishop Apuron. He was sodomized. He was only 9 years old. I loved my brother."

John "Champ" Quinata

Dear Archbishop Savio Hon Tai-Fai,

I really hate to bother you, knowing how very busy you and your fine Chancery staff are, promoting unity for us all, but I really had to rush this video clip to you.
Some of my friends were at the Guam Legislature today and they said that the hearing conducted today for Bill 326-33 was the best ever.  Imagine that, the best ever!  Your Excellency, have you heard of Bill 326-33?

In the video, John Michael "Champ" Quinata, the brother of Joseph "Sonny" Quinata, provides us with the details of the abuse of Sonny at the hands of Archbishop Apuron.   

You must really watch this video clip as soon as possible and then quickly send it off to Rome to those hard working investigators who are busy, busy, busy, investigating on behalf of the faithful here.  Because I know that you told us emphatically that it is not your responsibility to investigate the abuse.

Your Excellency, I won't waste anymore of your time.  Here's the video.


Chuck White

P.S. Please don't forget to send this video to those hardworking investigators in the Vatican.  Si Yu'os Ma'ase!


  1. Wow. Horrifying for Sonny and Champ.

  2. Screwtape: mmmmm…what should’ve been a delightful aria today we found even to us devils an aghast at this man’s testimony. The pits of our belly turned with horror, yet a welcoming entry for our father below who is quite pleased with this revelation.

    Wormwood: hehehehehehe…this very day my patient, the Weak One, is contemplating a ‘demarche’ if you will, something very interesting, I can’t reveal it just yet Uncle but Hell will rejoice very soon, but a little hint to tantalize your soul, a little praxis in faux virtue!...hehehehehe.

    Screwtape: Ahhhh…yes good one Wormwood, that always taints the heart of those gullible church goers. But beware of the small humble Holy man, for there is word of his entreaty to move on behalf of the faithful who our Enemy has blessed with true virtue and tenacity. Strike at his foundation so he may know we are much alive!

    Wormwood: I’ll need help on this one, the Great St. Michael was also petitioned on their behalf and his giving us, as they would put it..HELL. Invocations were also made to that new Saint Pio and that Cure D’Ars….ooohhhh, I’ll yet show him, he’s quite the troublemaker you know.

    Srewtape: Oh quit your driveling Wormwood and keep the moral turpitude high in this Church and continue to corrupt the tenuous and ignorant minds of that forsaken catholic island. Condemn them NOW!

  3. Sonny's brother's story was so heartbreaking! All the stories are so sad but for a younger brother to know what happened to his older brother must have been very hard. They were extremely young boys when this happened. What can they do and who would believe them! May God help Champ and Doris continue to reunite as a family unit and continue to fight for justice. I admire them all for coming forward and I pray to God that justice will prevail and the healing will finally start!

    1. Justice may prevail but only if WE continue to pursue it.

    2. Totally Agree Bob at 6:39 AM! WE WILL CONTINUE TO PURSUE!

  4. How truly sick AAA is. Thank you, Champ, for having the courage to speak up for your brother.

  5. Heartwrenching! I heard Champ in the public hearing. It was no less horrifying hearing electronically. Thank you, John! RIP, Joseph "Sonny."

    Now let us continue the pressure. Cathedral, Sunday, 9! Hon Go Home!

    1. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaJuly 29, 2016 at 12:23 PM

      Champ's testimony was the first time the details of +Sonny's+ trauma was revealed to the public from someone who guarded the secret for more than 3 decades.

      Hearing his testimony strengthened my resolve to continue fighting in memory of +Sonny Quinata+ and on behalf of the survivors whose stories have touched and horrified us as well as those unknown victims who continue to hold fast to their secret.

      Some have indicated that the press conference held by the Apostolic Administrator had "checked off" one of the CCOG concerns regarding the priests and that we will stop our picketing. WRONG!!

      I, for one, will continue wheeling my DEFROCK APURON sign, even as other signs enter the picket line. I cannot bear the thought of allowing a serial sexual abuser of innocent children to be buried in the sanctuary of the Cathedral-Basilica with +Bishops Olano and Baumgartner+ and +Archbishop Flores.+

  6. Anthony Apuron buried in Cathedral Basilica divides Guam for eternity.

    1. He is not worthy even to be buried at the War Dog Cemetary even if he was German Shepherd to us!

  7. nothing but bullshit lies, what a joke!!! you all need to be investigated!!! what's the penalty of false statements so- called vic-timsbe aware!!!!