Tuesday, July 5, 2016


On June 10 I made a mistake. I publicly defended Archbishop Hon on Patti Arroyo's K57 show. Someone had called in and noted that Hon had failed to mention the allegations of sexual molestation against Archbishop Apuron the day before, June 9, when Hon held his first public "prayer meeting" at St. Anthony church. I argued that Hon wasn't here just to address the allegations and that we should "give him time."

Wow! Mea Culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. I am rarely wrong, but Damn! was I ever wrong then!

I should have stayed with my initial instincts which were formed last year when I first met him. I detected then that Hon was nothing more than an insincere bureaucrat, probably a product of the Vatican's version of affirmative action, and was here to do nothing more than to tell everyone to shut up and sit down, obey Apuron, and leave the neo-brats alone. 

When I heard it was Hon who was coming I immediately thought "Oh sh*t. He's a jerk." However, I received a couple messages assuring me that he was different now, having seen the horror that had befallen this diocese since he left it nearly a year and half ago. So I thought, okay, let's give him a chance. I even defended him at a CCOG meeting more than a week after his arrival, objecting to any protest against Hon himself.

But given the incredibly stupid statements he made last Sunday (here and here) on top of many other really stupid statements, I'm left with no alternative but to believe that Hon is either just as evil as Apuron or just as stupid as Cristobal.  

Quite soon after Hon's assignment here I began hearing about how they wanted to get rid of him in Rome. I don't know who the "they" are but since he was obviously recommended by his boss, Filoni, for this assignment, it's quite possible it's Filoni who wants him out. And now I can see why. Hon and his sidekick, Ted, are both a couple of bumbling fools, who have no clue what is about to befall them and befall this diocese because of them.

Two words: DAVID LUJAN. But I'll get back to that.

Seriously, at first I thought Hon's stumbling about was really due to his being simply unprepared - even though he had a year and a half to do it. But, now it is becoming quite clear that he really is simply "as stupid as Cristobal." Oh, I know he has a doctorate in theology and a bunch of other academic b.s., but I'm talking real knowledge, knowledge of how to actually administrate a diocese. 

It's knowledge HE DOES NOT HAVE. And it appears that he was sent here like manufacturers used to send their reject merchandise to Guam back in the 80's because it was crap nobody else would buy. 

A look at Hon's "transcript" shows that his rise to the position of Secretary to a major Vatican Congregation was certainly not merit based. He went from school teacher to Vatican bureaucrat:

Of course this kind of crap happens in politics all the time. A guy who couldn't pass the bar exam in the states comes home to Guam and gets appointed judge. A senatorial candidate can't even get his family to vote for him and he is hired to direct a major department in the governor's administration. A man's business collapses because he doesn't know the first thing about business and he is selected to spear head the committee on economic development. 

Well, it happens in Church politics too. 

Hon has had ZERO experience at the diocesan level. And yet, here he is, tasked with fixing one of the most troubled dioceses in the whole world and upon which the whole world has fixed its gaze. 

Or is he? 

Is he really tasked with "fixing" this diocese? Or is he a place holder? Here, only to buy time until Kiko and Filoni work out a back room deal to fix Apuron and send him back here with the same certificate they gave Lickin' Louie. 

One thing I know: HON WANTS OUT. He wants out of here ASAP and wants out bad. He's a dismal failure and he knows it. Everyday it gets deeper and deeper and the name DAVID LUJAN gets louder and louder. He needs to get out and he knows it. So what to do?

There's no way to fix this diocese. He knows that. The evil here is exponentially deeper than he ever imagined. And besides, he only came here to tread water anyway. So what to do? Water is rising! Treading water not going to work. There's a drop off ahead and it's death if he goes over the falls. Got to get out. 

Only one answer. And this is crazy. Just act like everything is wonderful, like he's making progress, laugh and get others to laugh on cue, mock the faithful and tell them they are too much in a hurry, shrug off the protestors as if they are a dwindling crowd. Make it up. It doesn't matter. Oh, and send Jeff out to make nice. Have him concelebrate with the two priests Apuron publicly brutalized and now Hon appears happy to do the same. 

No matter that these two priests are still diocesan rejects, as long as Jeff says he supports them that should be enough. Oh and say you are praying for the "alleged" victims but DO NOTHING for them, and of course pray for Apuron in the same breath. 

It's time to change the signs: HON GO HOME. 

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