Tuesday, July 5, 2016


On June 10 I made a mistake. I publicly defended Archbishop Hon on Patti Arroyo's K57 show. Someone had called in and noted that Hon had failed to mention the allegations of sexual molestation against Archbishop Apuron the day before, June 9, when Hon held his first public "prayer meeting" at St. Anthony church. I argued that Hon wasn't here just to address the allegations and that we should "give him time."

Wow! Mea Culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. I am rarely wrong, but Damn! was I ever wrong then!

I should have stayed with my initial instincts which were formed last year when I first met him. I detected then that Hon was nothing more than an insincere bureaucrat, probably a product of the Vatican's version of affirmative action, and was here to do nothing more than to tell everyone to shut up and sit down, obey Apuron, and leave the neo-brats alone. 

When I heard it was Hon who was coming I immediately thought "Oh sh*t. He's a jerk." However, I received a couple messages assuring me that he was different now, having seen the horror that had befallen this diocese since he left it nearly a year and half ago. So I thought, okay, let's give him a chance. I even defended him at a CCOG meeting more than a week after his arrival, objecting to any protest against Hon himself.

But given the incredibly stupid statements he made last Sunday (here and here) on top of many other really stupid statements, I'm left with no alternative but to believe that Hon is either just as evil as Apuron or just as stupid as Cristobal.  

Quite soon after Hon's assignment here I began hearing about how they wanted to get rid of him in Rome. I don't know who the "they" are but since he was obviously recommended by his boss, Filoni, for this assignment, it's quite possible it's Filoni who wants him out. And now I can see why. Hon and his sidekick, Ted, are both a couple of bumbling fools, who have no clue what is about to befall them and befall this diocese because of them.

Two words: DAVID LUJAN. But I'll get back to that.

Seriously, at first I thought Hon's stumbling about was really due to his being simply unprepared - even though he had a year and a half to do it. But, now it is becoming quite clear that he really is simply "as stupid as Cristobal." Oh, I know he has a doctorate in theology and a bunch of other academic b.s., but I'm talking real knowledge, knowledge of how to actually administrate a diocese. 

It's knowledge HE DOES NOT HAVE. And it appears that he was sent here like manufacturers used to send their reject merchandise to Guam back in the 80's because it was crap nobody else would buy. 

A look at Hon's "transcript" shows that his rise to the position of Secretary to a major Vatican Congregation was certainly not merit based. He went from school teacher to Vatican bureaucrat:

Of course this kind of crap happens in politics all the time. A guy who couldn't pass the bar exam in the states comes home to Guam and gets appointed judge. A senatorial candidate can't even get his family to vote for him and he is hired to direct a major department in the governor's administration. A man's business collapses because he doesn't know the first thing about business and he is selected to spear head the committee on economic development. 

Well, it happens in Church politics too. 

Hon has had ZERO experience at the diocesan level. And yet, here he is, tasked with fixing one of the most troubled dioceses in the whole world and upon which the whole world has fixed its gaze. 

Or is he? 

Is he really tasked with "fixing" this diocese? Or is he a place holder? Here, only to buy time until Kiko and Filoni work out a back room deal to fix Apuron and send him back here with the same certificate they gave Lickin' Louie. 

One thing I know: HON WANTS OUT. He wants out of here ASAP and wants out bad. He's a dismal failure and he knows it. Everyday it gets deeper and deeper and the name DAVID LUJAN gets louder and louder. He needs to get out and he knows it. So what to do?

There's no way to fix this diocese. He knows that. The evil here is exponentially deeper than he ever imagined. And besides, he only came here to tread water anyway. So what to do? Water is rising! Treading water not going to work. There's a drop off ahead and it's death if he goes over the falls. Got to get out. 

Only one answer. And this is crazy. Just act like everything is wonderful, like he's making progress, laugh and get others to laugh on cue, mock the faithful and tell them they are too much in a hurry, shrug off the protestors as if they are a dwindling crowd. Make it up. It doesn't matter. Oh, and send Jeff out to make nice. Have him concelebrate with the two priests Apuron publicly brutalized and now Hon appears happy to do the same. 

No matter that these two priests are still diocesan rejects, as long as Jeff says he supports them that should be enough. Oh and say you are praying for the "alleged" victims but DO NOTHING for them, and of course pray for Apuron in the same breath. 

It's time to change the signs: HON GO HOME. 


  1. I remember having a casual conversation with a parish priest after mass about how he feels about Hon. He said that nothing is going to change anything based on his last visit a year ago. I agree with Tim --- we need to add picket signs to Hon go Home!

    1. Mary Lou Garcia-PeredaJuly 6, 2016 at 10:22 AM

      peoplepower at 9:59 PM, I'm not sure if I'm reading your suggestion accurately when you wrote "we need to ADD picket signs to Hon go Home!" (my emphasis added)
      Are you suggesting that, in addition to the DEFROCK Apuron signs we should ADD signs that read Hon Go Home? (This was my first impression.)
      Or are you suggesting that we REPLACE the DEFROCK Apuron signs with Hon Go Home?

      I, for one, am reluctant to abandon my DEFROCK Apuron sign but I recognize the need for the second message.
      Maybe we could have both signs in the picket line? Start with DEFROCK Apuron followed with Hon Go Home! and then alternate them in the line.

      Whether we have one message or two, it is important to let our "voices" be heard by joining the Laity Forward Movement on Sunday mornings as we picket in front of the Cathedral-Basilica from 0900-0945.

      St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle …
      St. Athanasius, pray for us!

  2. I wanted to do that after his first week here! GO HOME HON! You are useless! Don't think for a minute we are as stupid as them neos. They believe anything you may say. We freaking don't! You just added to our problems. And if the Pope is the only one who can fire apuron, then I guess you're going to have to send the Pope himself. Because we don't want apuron back! Ever!


  3. Go home Hon.
    No path to peace with you.


  4. Guam welcomes Archbishop Martin Krebs.
    Archbishop Hon go home.

  5. Hon obviously does not know how to lead or manage human resources. He is way in over his head. Hon does not care for the majority of the people on Guam, who are so disheartened and absolutely disappointed with how this Archdiocese is being managed. All he's good for are holding meetings with the clergy, many who have been sitting on their duffs, and just can't seem to tell him to take draconian measure to rid this Archdiocese of all these priests at the chancery--retire them; don't send them to their parishes; of the neocat bosses; close the seminaries, and send everyone back home where their came from or to other neo-seminaries; reinstate the two priests--Fr. Paul and Msgr. James to their former positions; publicly apologize to them as well as others he has slandered or libelled like the parishioner and his family in Dededo with whom Apuron said Fr. Paul was having an affair; reach out to the victims (and their families) of Apuron's alleged sex abuse and heal their hurt with fatherly care, and apologize on behalf of the Archdiocese to these victims and their families; get Apuron to issue a public written apology, and retire him to a home for wayward priests, or give him to the Capuchins to lock him up in some monastery; work with CCOG to get the seminary property back; remove presbyters from the parishes and replace them with true diocesan priests or Capuchins and Jesuits; get advice from the Laity representatives like CCOG to help fix the financial situation of the Archdiocese and the parishes that need help. These are the priorities he should have taken care of in the first month here, instead of visits to parishes to say mass and glad-hand the people with a smile and nice words; holding prayer meetings. He has the "power" so put it to good use!! What a dud we have in him! If and when he does the above and all is humming back to normal--give it 3 months (it won't take long if he removes the neocats and their method of evangelization out of Guam), and guess what? Lawsuits go away. . . peace and harmony returns to the Church on Guam; collections start to rise; order returns to the Chancery. Then Hon can put this duty under his belt as a success story in his service to God.

    1. My guess is that he saw that all is well when he visited Santa Barbara Parish in Dededo. There he saw all pews filled to capacity with standing room only. If this church is thriving then his management of the Archdiocese is going well :D

    2. Sorry Hon, other people from other PARISH attended to see and hear what you have to say. People there are not only San Barbara Parish but several other Parishes as well. So watch what you say or how you say it and communication in GUAM is far faster than Internet.

  6. Ive decided to give Hon a chance. Many may not agree with me here but after also speaking to two non neo priests, they both said step by step. Little by little we pray for change. But they also are questioning what's Hon's motive. I was one of the first to say Hon is here with side instructions from Filoni Baloney to make sure the NCW comes out of this unscathed and viable. Personally, I'm not even worried Apuron will come back. It will be a TRAVESTY to allow him to assume leadership again in our Archdiocese! We are doing good on the front lines and we should not let up on that!
    I am of firm resolve to cast out this NCW plague and disease from our Church. They need to be on a leash! Right now, there is no one with power or balls big enough to give them a slap down. I'm glad to hear Hon profess he has the POWER. Let's see what he does with it regarding the NCW.
    There is no way I will ever unite with the Way UNLESS the Pope says NCW is A-OK and it's perfectly fine to DO all the protestant like crap they are teaching and doing.
    Hon is pipe dreaming if he thinks his Unity, Serenity, Kumbaya scheme is gonna work and we will go back to the way things were when not many knew or cared about the NCW.
    I'm going to give him a chance, to fail and fail miserably. Unity Hon? Get real. Your power is useless without knowledge. Otherwise, you're just a madman! I pray for you Archbishop Hon. I pray that you do what is right. I pray that your skull does not end up paving the floor of hell.

    1. "step by step. Little by little"

      Please don't ever use this NCW phrase again.

      As we know, the sacrifice of Our Lord on the Cross is the source and cause of the unity of the Church. It is in the Mass that unity is found.

      If Hon had honestly intended to address the disunity, he would have attended to the worship of the Mass. Every Saturday night, deliberate, stubborn liturgical abuse is occurring and Hon couldn't care less.

  7. So we are right after all, Hon promoted from secretary to director of human resource, Filoni sent us the secretary who does not have any pastoral experience in people matters, to fix troubles we are having with people in the archdiocese. Another smoke and mirror delay tactic to buy time. Exoneration letter for Apuron is forthcoming, wait for it, wait for it..

    1. Mr. Filoni, Tear down this wall.

  8. Attila the Hon.
    Be gone!

  9. Archbishop Hon, it is time for you to address the issues head on. There is no need for the formation of committees to identify the problems. The issues facing our Diocese have been amply identified and there is no further need to continue this effort by forming committees. The problem boils down to two main issues: Apuron and the Neo intrusion into our Church. You want to be politically correct when addressing these issues, but the situation at hand is URGENT and needs hard answers, not politically correct ones. You were appointed by the Pope to address and resolve these issues. We will only accept the following: First, Apuron must be removed permanently from the Archdiocese of Agana. There is overwhelming evidence that Apuron has alienated his duty as a shepherd to his flock, instead focusing all his time, effort and energy to the NCW. And there is, of course, the issue of the sexual allegations against him. The victims cannot be ignored. 2. Make a public statement that NCW teachings are within the Magisterial teachings of the Church, as they claim. If it is, then we can co-exist. But if not, and there is overwhelming evidence that proves the practices of the NCW DOES NOT CONFORM, then we cannot.
    Meeting with the clergy, pastoral visits and forming committees are smoke screen to hide your inability to be honest about addressing the real problems. AB Hon, we are sick and tired of “political correctness”. Do the job you were sent here to do and honestly address the issues. The one thing which will galvanize our support for your efforts is if you courageously take the bold move to address them openly and honestly with the Laity.

    1. He won't do that..., he is afraid of being demoted by filioni, from Secretary to file clerk. I do hope and pray that he will take actions to remove Apuron along with the neocat wannabe priest.

  10. You had so much faith in him and again, shot down. Hahaha

    1. Faith in Hon? hahaha. Let me quote myself from above:

      When I heard it was Hon who was coming I immediately thought "Oh sh*t. He's a jerk."

    2. Anonymous July 6, 2016 at 4:46 PM - Where did you get the idea that we had "so much faith in him and again, shot down"? From the first week Hon got on the Island, the comments have been very negative on how he was handling, or not handling, the problems plaguing My Island of Guam. So what makes you think that we - your words "You had so much faith in him and again, shot down. Hahaha" - have faith in Hon! After reading all the comments, I personally do not have faith in him since nothing was done on his last visit but wanted to give him a chance to fix the problems he saw. You need to be able to read and interpret correctly what is being said. So in My Opinion, HaHaHa, is On You!

  11. Did Atty. David Lujan ever get a response to his letters to Dakon Claros?

    1. NOPE. But we'll hear from Claros soon enough...in court.