Thursday, August 18, 2016


(Posted by Glaucon Jr)

A mountain of evidence of heresy from the NCW--from their own mouths, and without mistake. And yet they quote the Catechism to do it? What gives? No one reads her blog, so who cares?

Chuck, LaPaz, Tim, and everyone else have gotten us here. Now we must face the awful truth.


  1. Janet B - MangilaoAugust 18, 2016 at 7:36 AM

    Ouch! You got my interest up, but no part one yet. Just an intro. Give us more.

    Does part one include how to rid our local diocese of demonic possession?

  2. You nailed it, Glaucon. Evil is the enemy of reason, which is why I long ago found it useless to engage The Diana. Even through the internet I could smell the stench of Pius' satanic slime oozing through the cracks in The Diana's pile of garbage. Other than use the blatant evidences of heresy and devotion to the Father of Lies, I had no desire to engage. After all , when you run with dogs, you get fleas. Fight on.

  3. Excellent Glaucon! Right on the kini popo! Keep on keeping on!

  4. Church Militant's fightAugust 18, 2016 at 3:27 PM

    Thank you Glaucon Jr, for your posts on JW! Based on the leftover stacks of unclaimed and ignored periodical (the Umatuna) at the back of our Churches after the last Sunday Mass, we can surmise that many more of our local faithful now regard the Umatuna as merely a neo propaganda-focused bulletin. With that fact and reality about a useless Sunday periodical (put out by the Chancery) it would be refreshing to have a local, laity-sponsored and supported periodical which prints Catholic Truths, and nothing but the Truth!

    There are many of our faithful (not just the "manamku") who do not go into nor have access to Jungle Watch. I think about how they would benefit, immensely, from a periodical containing relevant local Church news and information based on honesty and how they would also benefit from acquiring Catechetical knowledge such as what you Glaucon, Tim, Chuck, Frenchie, La Paz, Bob, etc post on JW. I’m referring to honest information regarding the current corruption within the hierarchy of our local Church, but also about Catechetical Truths and Faith-teachings which the faithful are so starved and hungry for or for reinforcements of! So many more times than not, our parish priests function first and foremost, as “administrators” and “CEO’s” of our parishes as opposed to being pastoral, not realizing their neglect of the spiritual nourishment and care of souls brought on by their inattentiveness to what should be their priority: administering the Sacraments and enabling the faithful’s easy access to these Sacraments!

    1. Yes, true catechesis in a venue available to all!

    2. My friend, that's a brilliant, inspired idea. Might I suggest you consider heading up that endeavor, or at least spearheading a group of serious, cheerful would-be evangelizers to explore how to do that--start small, find sponsors, and see what happens. God provides for our needs, and He will certainly see to such a grand thing.

  5. glaucon jr: i look forward to what you have in store.

    the passage from hebrews 12 that glaucon quoted features the word "witnesses." the greek word was μαρτύρων--"martyron." the word "martyr" as we've come to use it indeed fits the context of the words before this passage, in hebrews 11 ("stoned to death ... sawn in half ... killed by the sword), as well as the words after it ("endured the cross, disregarding its shame").

    because hebrews 12 was the second reading this past sunday, i meditated on it, during which i found myself focusing on the last sentence of that reading:

    "In your struggle against sin
    you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding blood."

    if the message is "be ready and persevere even until martyrdom," then let's truly be ready. as we always hear before every flight: "put on your own mask before assisting others," meaning that we won't be very effective in helping other people get oxygen if we ourselves have already passed out. so head to confession, go to Mass, always pray. and only then can we be truly powerful witnesses.

    at the same time, however, beware: the dianas of the world are most likely also invoking these same passages because of their persecution complex.

    1. Prescient. That will be coming up for discussion soon enough.