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It is now a well established fact, that the founders of the NCW used the Goodwill of John Paul II to gain access to many doors inside the Vatican, and that they shamelessly used his name in vain, to advance their agenda of a new version of the "body snatchers". Until now, except for some minor regional setback, they have been successful well behind the real power of their organization.

Guam has been until very recently one of their most striking demonstration of how a Catholic Diocese could be completely taken over. Part of their strategy has been the establishment of the RMS on Guam, which we have demonstrated is nothing but a crude scam.

A little less than two years ago, under the mounting pressure of a public who was becoming more and more aware of the catastrophic situation of the seminary, and slightly a year after the eviction of fr Paul as the vocation Director and his replacement by Cristobal, Archbishop Apuron decided to pull out of his magical hat a new seminary, this one was supposed to be dedicated to the candidates to the priesthood that did not wish to go through the Neos ' system of education.

Never being short on the sensational, Apuron, egged on by his Catechist the evil Pius, decided to name this new institution :


We saw after the scandalous denial to send seminarians to outside seminaries, or to even endorse them, to go out, how Cristobal, Pius and Apuron boldly and stupidly created  another fake seminary.

From the start there was never any intent, and never any resources dedicated to this fake seminary.

Yet the Umatuna proclaimed the fantastic vision of our failed Archbishop for creating not one but two seminaries on Guam. As many on this site and elsewhere pointed out, this was one terrible joke.

Our failed Archbishop was so happy about fooling the faithful, that he kept that smirk on his face until he was recalled to Rome. So officially we are now saddle with this:

 St John Paul the Great Archdiocesan Seminary of Guam.

Established: October 22, 2014 in Malojloj

Rector: Rev. Romeo D. Concovar
Spiritual Director Rev Carl Vila
Accountant/Bookeeper Deacon Stohr

Seminarians: Junee Valencia, Eric John Toves Banigo, Brandon Michael Taitano, Juan Angelo Pabunan, Rico Sean Chaco.

This website already established that this is not a seminary, but a dormitory where said seminarians come back from their "studies" at the Catholic theological institute of the pacific.

I have also shown prior to this,  in the Section A of this expose that the professors of said institute are few and not properly trained to teach the curriculum.

In theory these seminarians would be able to get a Baccalaureate in Theology.
Yet we have shown that the courses taught : Philosophy, languages, Sacred Scriptures, Dogmatics, Moral Theology, Church History and Patrology, Sacraments and liturgy, pastoral theology and canon law; could not be taught appropriately by the few professors teaching at the institute, most of them not being trained in the specialty they taught.

So while they used the former Carmelite monastery in Malojloj to create a fake seminary, it is interesting to note that the Archdiocese still does not have a retirement place for the priests and other religious to use.

Meanwhile in a real Seminary like St Patrick in Menlo Park California, this is what the Administration and Faculty looks like.

St Patrick Seminary and University Menlo Park CA. 

Rev Chris Arokiaraj, PSS
Instructor of Pastoral Studies
S.T.B Pontifical Urban University S.H Seminary
Ph. L Catholic University of Toulouse (France)
M.S (general psychology) University of Madras. (India)
Doctoral candidate Pastoral counseling G.T.U

Rev Vincent Bui, PSS
Dean of Spiritual Life
M.A St Mary's Seminary and University, Baltimore
S.T.B St Mary's Seminary and University, Baltimore
J.C.L Catholic University of America (Washington DC) 

Karen Chan PhD
Asst of Professor of Philosophy
B.A English University of San Francisco
M.A University of Notre Dame, South Bend Indiana

Sr  Mary Roberta Connors, F.S.E
Assoc. Director of Pastoral Year Program
B.A Viberto College, La Crosse WI
M.F.A School of the Art Insitute of Chicago, IL

Stephen Cordoba, M.A
Asst Professor of dogmatics
B.A St Mary's College, Moraga CA
M.A Medieval Studies, Unviversity of Toronto, Canada
M.S.L  Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies, Toronto,  Canada
Ph D Candidate University of Toronto

Rev Daniel Donohoo, M.S   
Dean of Men 
B.A University of San Diego
B.A Catholic University of Louvain, (Belgium)
M.Div St Patrick Seminary and University, Menlo Park CA
M.S Butler University, Indianapolis, IN

Monica Haupt. 
Director of English Language Program
B.A Immaculate Heart College, Los Angeles, CA
M.A Mills College, Oakland, CA

Reverend Gregory Heidenblut, OSA
Instructor of Pastoral Studies
B.S Athenaeum of Ohio/ St Gregory Seminary, Cincinatti, OH
B.A Immaculate Heart College, Los Angeles CA
M.A National University San Diego, CA
M.Div Washington Theological Union, Washington DC

Charles James PhD  
Assoc Professor of Philoshophy
B.A Westmound College, Santa Barbara, CA
M.Div Denver Seminary, Denver CO
M.A San Jose State University, CA
S.T.L  The Jesuit School of Theology, Santa Clara  University, CA
S.T.D  The Jesuit School of Theology, Santa Clara University, CA

Mrs Kristen Kerns, PhD
Instructor of the English Program
B.A University of Chicago, IL
M.A Yale University, Divinity School, New Haven CT
PhD University of Chicago, IL

John Kirwan
Asst Professor of Dogmatics
Accreditation Liaison Officer
B.A Gordon College, Wenham  MA
M.Ed University of Massachussets, Amherst, MA
M.A Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles,CA
D. Phil University of Oxford, England

David Kriegh
Library Director
B.A Colby College, Waterville , ME
M.L.I.S San Jose State University , San Jose CA

Rev John Kselman PSS   
Professor of Sacred Scripture 
B.A St Mary's Seminary and  University , Baltimore MD
S.T.B St Mary's Seminary and University, Baltimore MD
S.T. L St Mary's Seminary and University, Baltimore MD
PhD Harvard University, Cambridge MA

Rev Paul Maillet PSS
Asst Professor of Sacred Scripture
B. Mus Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester NY
M.M Peabody Conservatory of John Hopkins University, Baltimore MD
M Div Mount St Mary Seminary, Emmitsburg MD
S.T.L The Catholic University of America, Washington DC
S.T.D The Catholic university of America, Washington DC
Rev Robert Mc Cann
Instructor of Pastoral Studies
B.A Catholic University of America, Washington DC
M.Div St Patrick Seminary and University, Menlo Park CA
J.C.L  Catholic University of America, Washington DC

Sr Paula Jean Miller, F.S.E
Professor of Moral Theology
B.A Viberto College, La Crosse WI
M.A Mudelen College, Chicago, IL
S.T.L Pontifical John Paul II Institute, Washington DC
S.T.D Pontifical John Paul II Institute, Washington DC

Msgr Steven Otellini
Adjunct Instructor of Pastoral Studies
S.T.L  Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome

Rev Anthony Pogorelc, PSS
Assoc. Professor of Pastoral Studies,
Vice-Rector/ Academic Dean
B.A St Mary's University, San Antonio TX
M.Div Toronto School of Theology, Toronto, 
M.S Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
PhD Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Rev Jaime Robledo, PSS
Instructor of Moral Theology
M.Div Seminario Mayor, San Pedro Apostol, Cali (Colombia)
S.T.L Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome
S.T.D Pontifical Bolivariana  University, (Colombia)

Sr Amand Santos F.S.P
Director of Field Operation
Director of Pastoral Studies
B.A Emmanuel College, Boston , MA
M.A Dominican  School of Philosophy and Theology, Berkeley CA

Rev George Schultze S.J
Asst Professor of Moral Theology
Director of Pastoral Year Program
B.S Cornell University, Ithaca NY
M.B.A University of California Berkeley, CA
M.Div Jesuit School of Theology At Berkeley CA
PhD University of Southern California

Mrs Leelamma Sebastian
Assoc. Director of Pastoral Year
Director of Public Relation
B.A University of Calicut State, South India
M.S.C.P Chamminade University of Honolulu, HI

Rev Gladstone Stevens, PSS
Associate Professor of Dogmatics
B.A Quincy College, Quincy IL
S.T.L St Mary's Seminary and University, Baltimore MD
PhD Marquette University, Milwaukee WI

Rev Samuel Weber. O.S.B
Instructor of Language
B.A St Meinrad College, St Meinrad, IN
S.T.L Pontifical Atheanum St Anselm Rome
M.A University of Colorado, Boulder CO
M.Div St Meinrad School of Theology, St Meinrad, IN   

Obviously the teachers are of very diverse backgrounds and origins, and are all very experienced, and trained in the subjects they teach. Unlike our fake Diocesan Seminary on Guam, where apparently students have left,  and where the Teachers are neither properly trained nor in sufficient number to attend to their classes.

We saw this past weekend in the Umatuna the very poor financial report given to us by the Chancery.
This was another attempt to make us believe of the existence of both the RMS and the Saint John Paul the Great Seminary  as functional entities. Yet we have seen that neither can function with the lack of teachers and the poor quality of their training. What we have left is a building with lost students that have no hope.

The fact that they cannot even produce a clear affiliation title or to give us a definite answer on the status of that affiliation after 2014, tells us  that they have been running on fumes for the last two years.
Now that the Putrid Pius, has decided to abscond, the cement that kept the loosed pieces of the puzzle in Yona is going to fall apart. It is not the fantasy financial reports from deacon Kim that are going to convinced anybody of the viability and the strength of either of the two fake institutions.

It was never , except in the wild minds of Pius and Apuron, acceptable to open such an operation in such a small island as Guam.
With a population of less than 200 thousands, we cannot sustain such an operation.
St Patrick for example services many dioceses, and several millions of Catholics. There is no comparison possible.

The financial balance of such an institution is a mirage that cannot be reached, without artifices and lies, which are an anti-thesis of all what our religion stands for. It can only bring financial ruin to this diocese and the subsequent destruction of our Church.

Any attempt to justify such a folly, is another attempt to destroy our local Church.

Both Archbishop Hon and Fr Jeff must be very open about this subject, and communicate  honestly with the faithful. It is obvious that we cannot continue this operation, it is a financial burden and an obvious morale breaker of epic proportion. Unless your head is buried way up inside a place where there is absolutely no light, the next steps are obvious.  Actions shall speak louder than words. So far there has been only a lot of words, and very little actions. So these next two weeks shall be very revealing. 



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