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Posted by LaPaz, Jungle Watch correspondant from Spain.

"You can not imagine how Pope Francis loves the Way. I had an audience with Him a few time ago and it was FANTASTIC" (Kiko n-time, per saecula saeculorum, Amen).

"That time, Carmen had not died yet, then the Pope asked: Could I speak with her? He phoned her and said: 'Carmen, weed never die *. Next time I see you, I'll give you a cigarette', knowing doctors did not allow her to smoke because she was ill. Carmen, always asking others for a cigarette, and the Pope said 'as soon as I'll see you, I'll give you a cigarette'."

* in Spanish "hierba mala nunca muere", which means "bad people last longer"

Kiko: "Carmen is with Jesus, thank God. When I talk with JesusChrist I know I talk also with Carmen, because Sripture says that one who joins Christ becomes a same spirit with Him and Carmen was tremendously in love with Him and with the Church". 

Hmmmm...Kiko, does it mean if I talk with Jesus I do talk with Carmen as well?

You are making a mess again, aren't you?

Stanislao Dziwisz, actual Cardinal of Cracov, former personal assistant of John Paul II. 
You seemed very inteligent and clever through your sense of humour and your left hand with Don Kikote.

You have already developed a background with a real saint, so this living saint without back is easier to handle.

"Blessed be JesusChrist, as always started JPII for gretting, Good afternoon is the greet of Pope Francis"(...) "If Carmen was here, she would have said 'Kiko, shout up' (laughs)".

Then Kiko interrupts and says when he used to ask "Carmen, who am I?" she always answered "an idiot" LOL LOL LOL 

Archibishop then remains Pope JPII loved Carmen very much, she was the only woman who smoked in His presence, at the Pope's dinning room.

Kiko tells when they were at Vatican, whith JPII, she asked Him "Father, can I have a cigarette?", the Pope answered "not even the President (of Italy) has smoked his pipe here, but you...I allow you to smoke here and when the Sister would come here, I will tell her Kiko was not smoking, was the woman!"

Carmen: I need a cigarette, Father.

Archibishop Dziwisz continued saying those conversations between JPII and Carmen were wonderful. Finally he remembered that time when Pope said "Neocatechumenal movement" and shouting she interrupted to say "it is not a movement, it is a way!", and JPII answered: "Carmen, have you ever seen any way without movement?"

Cardinal Dziwisz said Kiko had just gave thanks to Carmen because that nice weather, but surely John Paul II also had helped too...

Cardinal Dziwisz expressed gratitude and hope for this vocational event, when vocations for priesthood and religious life are so needed "not only for Redemptoris Mater Semminaries but also Diocesan, isn't true?" while he was looking at other bishops and cardinals for their nod of approval..."Kiko, do not be jealous only with Redemptoris Mater" and asked him to remember those semminaries, in the beginnings, in Castelgandolfo with the Pope.

What did he mean? I have found this:

But I am afraid neocatechumenals do not like that kind of things. Intelectuals? Vade Retro, Satana!

Kiko gave us information on new signings, they have done the Way from begining to the end. 

Bishop Peter Baldacchino, Miami.

Auxiliar Bishop of Colonia, Germany, Mons. Ansgar (very easy, this looks like a "kiko").

Bishop of Legnica, Poland, Zbigniew Kiernikowski .

in number of pilgrims per country and not exactly in number of young people on pilgrimage.

440 Australia
 30 Papua New Guinea
 30 Kirivas, US
300 Guam (*AAA left his passport and is not included)
300 China
100 Japón/Japan
200 Corea del Sur/South Corea
800 Filipinas/Philippines
120 India
 20 Sri Lanka
   7 Pakistán
110 Tailandia, Malasia y Signapur/Thailand, Malaysia and Signapore

110 Egipto/Egypt
100 Costa de Marfil/Ivory Coast
  20 Camerun/Cameroon
  12 Gabon
   5 Congo
   4 Madagascar
 40 Burkina Faso
 70 Tanzania y Kenia/Tanzania and Kenya
140 Uganda
 30 Zambia
   6 Mozambique
 30 Ruanda/Rwanda
 80 Sudáfrica/South Africa
Some from Sudan, Angola y Seychelles could not come, problems with papers

100 Líbano/Lebanon
 50 Turquía/Turkey
330 Israel, Palestina, Jordania, Qatar, Bareim y Dubai/Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain and Dubai
120 Irak/Iraq

  300 Canadá
6000 USA
1000 Islas Turcas-Caicos/Turqen Island Caikos
1200 México
 100 Guatemala
 100 El Salvador
 350 Honduras
 200 Nicaragua
 250 Costa Rica
 220 Panama
   50 Jamaica y Granada
   40 Guayana Francesa-Martinica/French Guyana-Martinica
 310 Puerto Rico
 800 Republica Dominicana y Haiti/Dominican Republic and Haiti
 130 Antillas Holandesas y Curasao/Netherlands Antilles and Curasao
   50 Venezuela
  150 Colombia
1000 Ecuador
 450 Peru
 150 Paraguay
 100 Uruguay
1000 Chile
 300 Argentina
4000 Brasil

 105 Suecia/Sweden
   50 Finlandia/Finland
   60 Dinamarca/Denmark
 400 Reino Unido/United Kingdom
 200 Irlanda/Ireland
 600 Francia/France
 100 Belgica/Belgium
   50 Luxemburgo/Luxembourg
 100 Suiza/Switzerland
 600 Alemania/Germany
 150 Holanda/Netherlands
 250 Austria
 350 Republica Checa/Czek Republic
 350 Eslovaquia/Slovakia
 350 Hungria/Hungary
 400 Rusia, Estonia y Georgia/Russia, Estonia and Georgia
 120 Bielorrusia/Belarus
 100 Lituania
  50 Letonia/Latvia
 700 Ucrania/Ukraine
  60 Kazajistan
 250 Rumania/Romania
 750 Croacia
 300 Bosnia
 100 Serbia
 100 Eslovenia, Bulgaria, Albania
 300 Malta
1000 Portugal
15000 España/Spain
28000 Italia/Italy
50000 Polonia/Poland

What do these numbers say?
I wish my friends from Italy will help us to value them.

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  1. 700 kikos from France?
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